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So I was out today and a guy selling these makeup samples came up to me and is like “excuse me miss, do you wear makeup?” and I said, “Yeah, just a little bit though” and he says “well you don’t really need it,” but then he like, actually looks at me and is like, “wow you’re really pretty!” and pauses and smiles before explaining his makeup product and at the end he was like “you’re so pretty, do you have a boyfriend?” and I should’ve said yes (even though I don’t have one, it’s a good way to get out of weird people asking you out) but I said “no,” and he asked for my number and I said “I’m sorry but I feel uncomfortable giving out my number to people I don’t really know,” and he said, “ok I can respect that, have a great day!” and it made my day that A) He called me “pretty” rather than “hot,” or something similarly annoying B) I didn’t feel uncomfortable or targeted because his compliments were flattering rather than disrespectful C) After I told him no, he “respected” my decision and left me alone.

I dunno if this seems normal for anyone reading this, but for me, coming from a big city, it’s so nice to get a compliment without feeling threatened, scared, targeted, or demeaned. How refreshing to see someone do that (even though I do realize he was just trying to sell me something)

ALSO it’s probably good to throw in here that if anyone feels uncomfortable with someone asking for your number, you can Google search the Rejection Hotline for your area and give that number to them instead so you don’t feel rude and can get out of the situation quickly without them questioning you! This tactic has saved my butt before so I hope you find it helpful as well!


So just a little update that I was too sick to talk about yesterday…

Yesterday, on my very first SSO account (the one that was hacked) I joined Alice Opalhurricane’s club Garden Roses! YAAAAAYYY! :D

I also sent Stormchaser (my Jorvik Warmblood/starter) off to Horse Island for a little bit. :3 Decided he needed a well-earned rest after being ridden almost to the ground all these years! Haha.

So that’s all for now… I might be on-and-off today but yah… :3

~ Kota, Luke, & Naiad <3

I’m actually super disgusted with the amount of hate towards able bodied, healthy people that I’ve seen on my dash lately.
Before you start, I’m chronically ill with 3 lifelong conditions, so I know what it’s like to wish you were a little less tired or a bit more well.
However, being chronically ill DOES NOT give you the right to be rude, disrespectful or down right discriminatory towards the able bodied.
Yes,I understand that there comes a time where you might envy being well or you’re frustrated with life and your conditions but it doesn’t give you permission to act in a negative manner towards others.
The things I’ve heard and read lately have made me afraid to admit that I’m part of the spoonie community.
I hope some of you read this and it makes you think.

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Whilst I’ve been home and not well, I’ve been occupying myself by doing a little bit of drawing on my chalkboard to motivate myself!💜💛💜

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do you think the only thing that distinguishes romantic love from platonic love is lust? I read an SK rant that said that and I have the gut feeling there'e something wrong with that but I can't verbalize it...or, better yet, what DOES distinguish the two kind of love?

They clearly never heard of asexuality. I think that’s what you are finding wrong with that statement, anon. This ranter is assuming that you can only romantically love someone if you want to get into their pants, and that is just not true for everybody out there. It’s an incredibly narrow minded way of looking at love. 

But let’s call it like I see it; why are they saying that there has to be lust for there to be true, romantic love? Because Karin does not display any other type of affection towards Sasuke. She offers no comfort or emotional support, so this ranter is just trying to make up for the lack of this by saying only the lust matters, seems to me. 

Since love is so abstract, I couldn’t tell you what distinguishes it from platonic love. I also never experienced it myself, so I couldn’t really offer and helpful insight except that I believe the experience and the feeling may be different for everyone. 

However, I think it’s easy to tell true, unconditional love in Kishimoto’s point of view. It’s all there in his manga. Look at Hinata. Look how far she is willing to go for Naruto because of her love. Look how she grew as a person because of him. And then look at Sakura, and how deeply it hurt her to see Sasuke fall so low a few arcs back. Look at how unshakable her feelings for him are, even after everything. Look at how she was willing to do anything for the kid in part 1 before he left, and how she willing faced down foes, and Sasuke himself, to protect him. 

That is romantic love in Naruto, the love that matters to the story. 

I wore my "reading is sexy" shirt today
  • Michelle:Do you really find reading sexy?
  • Me:OH MY GOD YES. It's the sexiest thing out there.
  • Michelle:So like, you'll hook up with any guy who reads?
  • Me:Well I have standards. But it's a major plus.
  • Michelle:So like, if he reads comic books?
  • Me:No no. Like he has to be well read. In the classics. And Chuck Palahniuk.
  • Michelle:That's the weirdest turn-on I have ever heard of in my entire life.

Pretty productive day today–

Trooped out into the snow storm to buy the last part for our gaming computer build. We almost slid off the road doing so (we have a rear wheeled light truck so it slides and fish tails everywhere because we have nothing in the back of it), it was pretty scary. Anyways, we got back, put the parts together and man is it ever beautiful (such a needed upgrade from my University laptop).

Also, I played Risk for the first time and apparently I’m pretty good because I won both games!

We received another perfect shed from Illyria and Promise has moved up a feeder size!


How was your day?

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Hello, I love your teen titan/avengers picture! I wouldn't have thought of that crossover but it works quite well. I think you could expand it a little bit and change it slightly. I feel like raven better fits as scarlette witch, kid flash could be quick silver and speedy could be hawkeye although I can't think of someone who fits into the black widow role.

I get what you mean with the scarlet thing but I feel raven suits black widow best. It’s a fun idea. I think I already picked out that Terra would be Hawkeye, but with the whole family thing maybe I should make speedy him…. Ahh this crossover is going to need more people. oh god who can vision be then!? And spiderman too?! actually I was thinking someone for spiderman but as a joke…

on the subject of the twins. I was considering Ravager and Jericho? Because they family. BUT I was also thinking um… kid flash and a certain some one… buttt…

it sucks because they are actually perfect with their powers. i’ll probably still do it.