quite a lot of you will know I’m from england and a few of you will know I’m from yorkshire, but let me tell you a story

don’t come to yorkshire on a night

fucking hell

in cities all across yorkshire such as mansfield, bradford, cheshire, leeds and THE CITY CLOSEST TO ME, HULL

have a bunch of twats going round dressed as clowns

there’s believed to be one per town and they are travelling around yorkshire and fast

apparently there’s one in y town, but I think that’s just people over reacting as it’s only quite small

I don’t know a lot about this but I do know they come around at night, they with outside peoples windows and in some cases, if unlocked will enter your house

they’re fucking terrifying

if you live in yorkshire, be careful when out at night


True Fact about Britain

The most complained about advert over here?

Perhaps the ice cream advert with two gay vicars embracing and looking sensual. Nope, we quite liked that

The one were a blind man kicked a cat instead of a football… Nah

Nope the most complained about advert was for KFC

And contained women singing

With their mouths full

And that is why people complained.

Only in England...

Someone in the library screams, and everyone looks over to see the girl sat by the window is suddenly soaked, as if someone has just emptied a bottle of water over her head. She gibbers that the liquid came through the window, so the burly security man marches off to investigate.

Was it a sudden downpour of rain? A burst gutter? Someone throwing a water bomb?


The lecturer in the office upstairs emptied his teapot out of his window.