Congratulations Britain!

99% of us are completely fucked, as is the NHS, the education system and my entire generation.
You’ve voted for food banks instead of freedom, for the rich instead of the poor and worst of all for profit over people.
You’ve successfully been conned into thinking that things are better than they were 5 years ago. Despite the soaring number of homeless people, children being raised in poverty, families relying on food banks and the empty shell of what was once an incredible national health service run for the benefit of the public not private sector profit.
You have voted for the party that tricked this nation into bailing the banks out of a crisis that the bankers themselves caused!
You have voted for a party that allowed the wealthiest 1000 people in this country to double their wealth in just 5 years. In the meantime working class people’s pay packages have been hit their hardest for 40 years.
You voted for the party that allows the richest 1% to pay on average a real terms tax on their wealth of only 35% percent while the bottom 50% pay an average real terms tax of 45%.
You’ve voted for the party whose MPs almost all voted “NO” on a law that should have been passed to allow investigations into alleged historic paedophilia on a mass scale to be carried out more thoroughly and honestly. Do you know why? Because some of the alleged persecutors were ex Tory MPs and Conservative party funders!
You’ve voted for the party who have sided with Rupert Murdoch to create and unfair and at times racist smear campaign against Ed Miliband and his party.
You’ve voted for more privatisation, austerity and social warfare.
You’ve voted for a party whose main purpose is to generate wealth for their business owning, bank running, rich, shareholder friends. At the expense of everybody else. You’ve also voted to make HUNTING yes hunting for fun legal. The British wildlife is now going to be deteriorating and the foxes and badger lives will be harder to save.

So I say once again Britain, well done. A real standing fucking ovation for you.

Title: Can Boxes Die?

Word Count: 1,337

Point of View: Tiny Box Tim 

A/N: I saw an ask that tinyboxtim​ answered and thought of this thing. It’s pretty relavant to what I wrote already, so.. yeah. I decided to answer the question in my own way. Point of view change was really cool. Also helped me realize that Tim disappeared for a scene there… the bold at the end is a time change/age change.

The original fanfics this is from: Hawk Meets Markiplier,  Mark’s Inner Darkness, The Darkness Within  aaand Crossover Oneshots: Come to the Dark Side 

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So hey guys! As I have been posting recently, I’m ready to re-launch my blog and I’m really excited about it. The following will be a lot of feelings and a bit of my story, so if you’re curious continue reading! :)

Since I went vegan almost 2 years ago I could never imagined how my life was going to change. I’m blessed, I feel thankful every day for being able to enjoy such wonderful lifestyle. I was one of those who didn’t know what to do with their lives, I really liked a bit of everything but nothing specific, until I decided to drop everything I had learned and start living again.

Sounds wonderful, and it really is, but as many of you already know is not that easy. Changes, mostly the big ones, takes a lot of courage and strength. I have had my ups and downs and for many times, I forgot to take care of myself while I was taking care of others. 

I truly love the path I’m taking which is getting certified in Plant Based Nutrition and Health Coaching. I want to show people how easy and healthy is to adopt a plant-based diet. Just by being more compassionate and quitting animal products you feel an enormous change in yourself, in how you see and treat others just to give an example; but when besides that you start getting conscious on how you eat, you start to feel even better.

My boyfriend used to get a lot of pain due to gastritis, he was always sick, vomiting, everything he ate upsetted his stomach. Since we went vegans all of those symptoms stopped, he is better than ever and even looking younger. He is 27 and people think he is 15-18 years old! So I have witnessed how good it is going vegan at all levels.

Even though I’m not that great, I lost track of how I was because my past job at HP were consuming me, literally drying my soul. Many say that things happen for a reason and last March I got fired. I thought it was going to be difficult to get another job, I was very worried. But out of nowhere I got this job in something I enjoy to which is Web Designing and now I’m working from home! Everything I ever wanted is starting to manifest so that I’m thankful every day. 

Now that I have more time I will dedicate more time to myself and to be a voice for those animals who don’t have a voice. I want to help my brothers and sisters humans and non-human animals, all by teaching humans that eating animals is wrong and to help them to discover a healthier and more positive lifestyle. 

I will track my progress so people can see how effective it is, to heal yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically,  when you put all your love, energy, vibes and all your inner self together working to achieve what you want to reach the most. I want to show others that maybe are feeling down, not feeling so self-confident, not feeling good with themselves, that are struggling with something, that it is possible when positivity, compassion, and a good heart to get out of that ugly place. I’ve been there and I want to get out of there too.

So, just to avoid you guys from falling asleep with all my babbling, I want to introduce you to Powered by Plants. This is going to be my new name for now, as for the blog content you’ll see the same and new improved stuff! I’m working on a website where I can actually put articles together (I really hate Tumblr since is really flat when it comes to long posts). I will continue answering questions as usual, and soon I will turn on the anon option! I will involve more nutrition stuff as I learn them. I will be doing yoga as well since it has a lot of awesome benefits too, so I will blog about it occasionally, since I will be studying with a teacher from India, I admire and respect so much this culture, that I feel I can’t wait to start, It’s an honor that someone from this sacred place want to teach me :3

So I just want this to be a conscious living blog, where we all can learn from everything, to help each one of us to become a better persons, better earthlings! By any means, I want to clarify, If you do not want to eat healthily it’s fine and I really don’t want people to feel I’m pushing them to it, that will be information only for those interested. 

So sorry for this really long post, I do enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts as you can see, so hope you guys enjoy it as much as me. Lots of love and positive vibes for all of you. Thanks for follow me and keep tuned, a Giveaway is coming soon!