weirdlyamusing said: The purpose of a budget is to set aside earned monies for something you want or need. For example I budget money so I can pay my bills, and hopefully have some left over for a book I really want, or a gift for my pets.

Okay, that makes sense. Now I know the purpose, hooray!

Now, How do you follow a budget and stuff? The thing that really trips me up is variable costs. I don’t know how much groceries are going to cost until I get to the store and start putting things into the cart. So how do you make that all work out properly? I understand fixed expenses and I finally figured out how to make sure bills get paid on time each month, but things like gas and groceries go up and down every month.

weirdlyamusing replied to your post: Okay, but…

Its perfectly acceptable to be a feminist and still participate in the gender rolls that normally come with it.Extremists in any group just add misery.

This is for certain-sure.

And that’s what the people in that photoset are responding to: the extremists. Like, “I don’t need feminism because making my boyfriend food when he gets home from work isn’t a bad thing.”

No, it isn’t a bad thing. It’s perfectly fine and part of caring for another person. Period.

The people in the photoset all look pretty young. So they probably have mostly been exposed to extremists (based on their signs, except the slut-shaming one which WTF birth control isn’t just for people who have a lot of sex) and they don’t have the life experience to know what feminism is really about. There’s also the possibility that these are people who were raised in really religious environments where they were kept from knowing much about true feminism and have been brainwashed to think that the things they’re talking about are what feminism is about. Either way, they haven’t learned enough about feminism to know yet.

The thing is, the stuff that’s in those signs really is stuff that people actually say. And I know this because people have said it to me.

People’s backstories shouldn’t matter. I shouldn’t feel like I have to defend my choices every time I say anything about my life. All that should matter is that I am content with the choices I have made, and that I was truly free to make those choices for myself.

That’s what feminism is supposed to be.