#Lol I’m already laughing at the reactions some of you will have after seeing this pic. This was my #first insect food 😅 This is as local as you can get in #Uganda ! Nsenene, a roasted and spiced locust is a popular #streetfood in Kampala. It’s sold like Bhelpuris are in India, only that the guy doesn’t need to prepare it for you. He keeps walking with his box of Nsenene and people call out to buy it. #weirdfood #foodie #FoodLover #foodshare #travel #Africa

Serves me right for eating microwave food. I totally thought this had potatoes in it. Turns out they are peaches?! Who puts peaches in with chicken and vegetables? Please leave this planet. I want potatoes damnit. #weirdfood


In case you were unaware, World Market is a pretty bad ass store.  Up until recently, I hadn’t known that, and after listening to the suggestions of multiple people in my life within a short period of time, I finally decided to get off my butt and make the trip.  It’s not the biggest store in the world, but I still spent about an hour walking around it.  If there is one near you, I would definitely recommend going. 

In case you’re interested, the details of my trip and the pictures are below.

(1) Random sodas – World Market has an entire section dedicated to drinks from foreign countries, and I really struggled not to buy the whole darn section.  The variety, combined with the deceptively low prices made me want to go buck wild with it, but I showed a bit of restraint.  I bought a Curiosity Cola (whatever that is) and a Ginger Beer courtesy of England, as well as a Limoncello soda from Italy.  For some reason I didn’t get a picture of the strawberry guava juice from Egypt, but that also made it home.

Note: Ignore the Stella Artois in the background.  I had never tried it before, and neither had my boyfriend, and after buying a bottle from the grocery store, we understand why we had avoided it before.  Truly awful.  At least to me.

(2) Schnitzel Mix – I was born in Germany, and so I’ve been eating schnitzel since I was a tiny tot.  Unfortunately, my mom was entirely American and never learned how to cook schnitzel properly, so we mostly ate at the German club on post.  It has been my goal for a while to learn how to cook a schnitzel, and after finding these mixes at World Market, I am determined to give it my best shot.

(3) Emergency Kit –  At World Market there is a whole assortment of trinkets piled into little cubbies meant to be searched through.  It is filled with odds and ends from all over the world, but one that caught my attention was the tiny little emergency kit.  Inside is an angel to guide you, a lucky bean, and a worry person.  Now, for those unfamiliar with worry people, it is apparently a tradition in Guatemala to tell your worries to these small fabric people.  Afterward, you put it under your pillow, and in your sleep the worry person becomes animate and removes the worries from your head.  Its a really cute idea, and I decided that I should buy it (for $1.99, why not??)  More than likely, this is going into the baby box, but I thought it was cute.

(4) Chia Seeds – Let me preach to you about these bitches right here, alright.  These little shits are expensive as hell.  I’m talking $7.99 a pound, which is not exactly chump change when you consider that these things taste like nothing.  Still, they are incredibly healthy for you.  Put them in a smoothie, or yogurt, or even just water, and they will make you feel full.  People use them for weight loss, and after trying them for a few days, I can see why. 

(5) Escargot, Caviar, and Octopus – Weird food again!!!  I’m sort of addicted to finding and trying weird things, recently, and when I saw these things I got really excited.  To be fair, I didn’t find them at World Market.  I found them at a liquor store that also happens to have a deli (not as shady as it sounds).  I couldn’t pass it up, so expect some reviews about it coming up soon.

(6) Japanese Peach Candy – This stuff is pretty self-explanatory, but one of my coworkers recommended it.  So we’ll see it.