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Why did you pretend to be a girl whos dad won a grammy?? I dont.. Get.. The joke ?

That would be dumb. My dad actually won a grammy. (There is the link to my FAQ, for those of you that have been asking for it!) The joke is that I didn’t understand the significance of it when I was a little kid, so for the longest time I thought Grammy awards were just common and normal. Which, retrospectively, I find pretty amusing.

I refuse to be held accountable for my embarrassing use of capital letters on that post, it was four in the morning and I have a lot of regrets.

You and Me // Cook + Effy (AU)

( &. jamescook-wtf )

“Cook!” Effy exclaimed as she ran down the stairs of their new apartment. It had been the fifth time they moved in under two months. Generally, it was due to the work that was going on in their life. It was non-stop and chaotic almost daily and really, she couldn’t remember the last time they just had a break. First it was getting decent paying jobs, then it was marriage, then it was having a kid. Though they still had their ups and downs, the piece of paper with their promises written on it kept her from doing anything stupid. Of course, she was still terrified over the fact that she could love someone as much as she loved Cook. But, as the years went on, the fear began to slowly drift away. She needed him as much as he needed her. They had been through everything together. From the day they met to the day the day they were currently at. They were back in California, the same place they reunited ten years ago after the gang slowly fell apart. In a way, it was nice to be back. It felt as though they were reliving everything all over again

As her thoughts took over her bit by bit, she almost ran into the wall that was near the living room. “Fuck.” She muttered, brushing herself off quickly as she looked around for Cook. Hearing some noises that were coming from the kitchen, the twenty-seven year old made her way towards over in the thought that it’d be Cook and James. Opening the door, she spotted the two straight away. It was still odd; each time the girl simply stared at him, the love deepened. She thought it would of stopped after four years, but it didn’t. She just continued to love him more and more. Making her way over to him with a smile on her face, she leaned against the counter with her eyebrows higher than than normal. “You almost forgot these.” She said as she leaned over and kissed him softly, handing him his car keys in the process. Turning around once she pulled away after a few seconds, she looked at their two year old kid with a slight smile on her face. “I still can’t believe how he looks more like you than me. Like yeah, he has my eyes. But so what?”