Initiative becomes [an] authentic burden in fear of a highly possible rejection from the other party who may not have a liking towards you in the very first place. However, ironically [,] without one of the parties being initiative follows a closeted relationship which is well deserving to be developed yet hard to kickstart it. In the end, this kind of relationship may not be bestowed with the luck to even have a story with a interesting title, exciting story plot and an incredible beginning.
—  from WeiLi.
Saudades do tempo que a única dor que a gente sentia era a dor dos joelhos ralados,das brincadeiras na rua com os coleguinhas,que as vezes eu nem sabia o nome,mas o importante que eles eram legais.Naquele tempo não importava se você era “famosinho” em redes sociais,se você tinha iPhone,se você era pobre ou rico. Oque importava mesmo, era a diversão.
—  Weily Oliveira.

Caught up w W after one long year. & I’m so thankful we still have so much to talk about, & sincerely hope it wasn’t awkward or anything. Thanks for walking me home at 245am, for your honest message about our friendship & your concerns, and for saying that I am “dotable” because I doubt anyone has ever thought this way, or told me anything like this.

Thank you for letting me know I have one more friend to count on.
I am definitely not going to regret dragging my lazy ass to meet you & Brian just now.

& thanks for the intention to celebrate my birthday just now. It’s fine that it’s late, I’m just as touched. :) 

Nah, & giving you a smurf, which I always said you looked like.  

因为再多的朋友也比不上一个仔细聆听你心声的朋友。 Thanks for being the 1st in 2012 to make me feel blessed. :)

*pardon me, I am in a sappy mood. -.-* 


"The family" Benweily
“Love Birds” sculptures are Ben Weily`s unique Line in bronze, on which he says: “I was always amazed by the exuisite way of the birds.They express tenderness and love, and therefore create a feeling of graceful eroticism”.