FIrst, some house cleaning; if Pat Mendes can squat 300kg without wraps, no belt and no spotter then you (yes, you, I’ve seen your videos on tumblr of you front squatting with a spot, for some reason) have no need for any of that stuff, either. 

Now, Pat here is more than likely going to the olympics.. competing for Brazil. Which the more i think about it, is really really smart. I mean, I’ve called his lifting aesthetically u g l y and it IS, but he’s hella strong! But i think no matter how good he is, he’s unfairly stained with USAW so going to Brazil where he’s appreciated is good, plus, he’ll probably be tested less, if reallllly at all for any kind of medicine that he takes. 

the more I think about it the more i think, yeah, good for all the usa athletes who are clean, but that’s like letting a JV high school football team play in the nfl. you’re really-fundamentally- at a disadvantage. you’re going to need the medicine to keep up. 

Now, Pat here is still needs like, 35? more kilos added to his total to even really medal in an international comp, right? so good luck, buddy. But, honestly, really smart move because we’ll get some lolz coming up here at Worlds in Kazakhstan and see how the USA team does. We’re not even sending our best lifter. 

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Pause Front Squat 126kg/277lbs

just thought I’d post another before and after photo because I’m not seeing the progress I want and I just want to remind myself of how far I’ve come!

When you feel like giving up you got to keep going!! You can do this 💪💪