we went out and I bought wood stain and varnish and sanding sponges this morning

this is a real thing that is actually happening

now I just have to identify the trees in my yard and take some samples…

“As for the Hufflepuffs, well, nobody could say they’re not nice people. In fact, they’re some of the nicest people in the school. Let’s just say you needn’t worry too much about them when it comes to competition at exam time.”

wow rude ravenclaw lady >:c

trees identified thus far:

ash (official wand wood but limited because we only have a little tree)
spruce (so fracking much spruce, and it’s an official wand wood)
hickory (not an Ollivander’s wood, maybe i’ll make up something about wizarding pioneers)

no laurels, yews, or alders so far…

volatileserenade replied to your post: doign science homework and looking around…
Are they even in America? I remember as a kid trying to find them and being informed that they all lived in Britain.

I looked it up and apparently they’re popular in Maryland…and not just the bush kind

i just don’t know where to find them :(