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A sudden series of erratic knocks to an off-tempo rhythm rang out from the door of the clones' house. No idea how she found the place, but she found it. "Is anybody home? Meow!"

“RAYGNA, GO GET THE DOOR!” Comes a yell from the inside, and the usual scuffling of footsteps from the clones scrambling around. Eventually, a pink Ragna opens the door just a crack, timidly looking out at the masked creature with red eyes and a toothy smile.

“… R… R-RAGGYYY!” He yells. “I-IT’S- IT’S A— D-DEMON THING!”

“Demons don’t exist, Raygna!” Raggy yells back from his room. “And if they did, they wouldn’t knock and say ‘meow!’ Now be nice! And apologize for calling her a demon!”

“W-wehhhh…!?” Raygna gulps and opens the door a little more. “U… um… I-I’msorryforcallingyouademoncanIhelpyouorcanIrunawaynow?!”

summary: levi is one of those sex demon things incubus or something and his coming of age assignment thing is to sex up a human and so he goes down to the human world to find someone and look there’s a cute eren so he flies down but sadly levi doesn’t know how to put the moves on someone properly so he does some really shameful awkward flirting and eren ends up sexing him until dawn
warning: r18
words: 3k

AN: don’t even read this i swear to god. also psa don’t start things while in a crack mood and then not finish them, because then u become not in a crack mood and then u don’t want to finish them. yeah welp. don’t read this, did i mention that

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