sobbing because I couldn’t sleep last night because my brain was writing stories which I can’t draw because I have hand cramp because I’ve been drawing other people’s stories all day and I had no sleep last niGHT BECAUSE MY BRAIN WAS WRITING STORIES

nope. He hasn’t been used since ‘Nam. -v-/ Soap used him there for a tengu but the idea is long gone. HE IS FREE
—  oooooo. okayyyy, that’s what i was thinking of. well then. i might just use him. to be honest, i’ve been toying with the idea of using the LA for either him or Sly’s dad so. we shall see who takes a higher importance, in actualy TOW going-ons, before I make anything official. =u=

TO: Matsuoka Rin
FROM: ???

I know everything about you................ Including your future.
Come to the fountain at midnight tonight if you'd like your fortune read.


     A snicker sounded between soft lips, smiling in amusement at the prank he’d played as his phone slipped back into his pocket. There was nothing like a night stroll with a shady undertone, especially when a good friend was involved. He’d slipped on his shoes and tip-toed quietly out of the house to begin his departure to the park fountain he once swam in, but whether or not the red head would humour him and show up was still a mystery.

thirstyasslevi said:

Ahhhh. I'm so glad "droplets" was the first jeanmarco fic i've chosen to read, it's so good, i'm hooked. what a great slice of life work - and i know it's angsty at some bits but you've done a great job of not over-dramatizing it all. jean gives me life. celine gives me life. marco is an angel. AND YMIRRRRR. I love it. I LOVE IT!! (ps i am such ereri trash so the hints you've dropped about eren's neighbor crush please me in too many ways, shhh)

wow, i’m really glad you chose droplets to pick up first !! c:

hopefully the coming angst won’t put you off … (hopefully it’ll make you cry wehehehehe)

i’m glad you like the character presentations … i try hard to write them as true to canon as i can !! celine is a delight to write, she’s so fun … it’s refreshing to have a mom character who can be both the staple, gushy lovey-dovey mom, but also be really quite shallow and vain … it’s refreshing !!

as for my queen i mean, ymir … she’s going to get some more scenes very soon !! i really want to develop her friendship with jean, and considering that ymir has what jean wants, it’ll play a larger role in upcoming chapters as jean begins to deal with standing up the the parental pressure laid on his shoulders about what he does with his future life

and i’m glad you made the connection between eren and levi ahahaha i thought it was a fun easter egg … though i can never decide if i’m more ereri trash or eruri trash … i like both >o>


i just watched the trailer for kuragehime movie i m crying thank u everything im so so glad !! it looks rlly cute ;;;; oh man oH man………. all the ppl playing the characters are so so amazing and tsukimi’s So Cute and her faces are great !!!! i love kuragehime so so much im so glad it’s being made into a movie give me kuragehime everyfin ;; 


Pertama dikirim enggar foto ini aku nanyanya “Diajarin siapa anak iniii udah bisa bergaya pakai kacamata hitaaam..” Hahaha enggaaar masmuuu ini udah 26 tahun terhitung hari ini ayo kita tagih traktiraaaan .. Weheheheh ..

yonqcais said:

assumption: you love me wehehehehe bye xx


HOW DID U KNOW MY LIL SECRET this is supposed to be kept as a secret -___- /smirks/

YES HT I LOVE YOO i mean YOU HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE pls accept my love <3 <3

trivia: did u know that i love u so muchie that i created a kakao for u coz u asked me if i have one before but i don’t have it…. so i made one so i can talk to u eeeeep what a cheeseball /HURLS TO ANOTHER PLANET/

true/false game. make an assumption about me in my ask and i’ll tell you if its true or false. go.