sobbing because I couldn’t sleep last night because my brain was writing stories which I can’t draw because I have hand cramp because I’ve been drawing other people’s stories all day and I had no sleep last niGHT BECAUSE MY BRAIN WAS WRITING STORIES

all i remember from the college au is me and Shelly’s two fraternities and that’s:

Alpha Zeta Rho: a co-ed fraternity, founded to bring together business and political leaders of tomorrow, that has boasts some of the highest GPA’s among the entire schools Greek Life populace. Involved in school matters, especially predominant among Greek Council and Student Government, the brothers/sisters of Alpha Zeta Rho are also advised to get involved in local government and business. (essentially; the Court of Azure/phoenix fraternity). 

Sigma Epsilon Sigma: One of the oldest co-ed fraternities on campus, with many wealthy alumni pumping donations into its funds, that also has one of the most wild and bustling party scenes on campus. Drinks, drugs, dances, and sex are all, supposedly, a part of Sigma Epsilon Sigma living. However, their vast connections among the school board, and beyond, keep the slightly-scandalous family functioning (and continuously bringing in new pledges, every new school year). (tl;dr: the Sessharrim house). 

splatterdashes said:

Celine will find out that Robert is cheating right? How will she find out and will Jean tell her? Will she feel betrayed when Jean knew all this time? SO MANY QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED!!!!

(cont’d.) You got me into Fleetwood Mac. Badddly

there will be a confrontation, yes … how and when … well, you’ll have to wait and see :^) i would like to add that céline is not necessarily blind, she just chooses to act that way a lot of the time …

as for fleetwood mac, well … my mission in life to spread their music is succeeding wehehehehe >:^)

spadenoace said:

A L I C E for theletters thing

Favorite things that start with letters thing:

A: ANIME //rips open shirt

L: LUM BJAK my nordic woodsman beefcake in my ELDER Scrolls: Skyrim file. It’s fun to punch bears with him. (Elder. Oblivion. I don’t fucking know.)

I: THE INTERNET. Like. I really, really like the internet. It makes me so happpyyyy. Wehehehehe.

C: Creativity? I like thinking outside of the box and creating things with my own hands, whether it be typing up a new story, making up an OC, or drawing. Art and creating is so much of a part of who I am as a person.

E: ELVES. I love elves. Particularly the narrative of the elves in Dragon Age. They’re pretty great. And elves are just pretty in general.

boxohobo said:

First impression? This person must have a great sense of humor.


"Wehehehehe! Waluigi is a funny guy, ain’t he?”

[[I do love to make people laugh—It’s one of my favorite things to do in life!]]

pda ke manakah Bpk2 dan Ibu2 yg di kantor ini?? Saking kosongnya ruangan ini sampe bisa foto2 -_-
Apakah ini pertanda bhwa di hari Jumat yg indah ini gw bisa plng siang ini?? wehehehehe TGIF ;P at Kopegtel – View on Path.

holy moly fresh kimchi w/ fresh rice ahhhhhh

got home from work about 10 minutes ago and HAHA i was worried that my history homework would be due tonight at midnight but NO it’s due tomorrow at midnight and i only work from 4 to 8:30 tomorrow wehehehehe