This is my 10k post. Wow, time has passed, it’s been such an amazing trip so far and I’ve met lots of beautiful and awesome people here. I just want to say thank you to everyone who sometime in the past clicked that little ‘+’ button and decided to follow me and decided to stand my ramblings and change of blog style and still stuck with me. Props to all of you!

Shout-out to ferezv, theonlyponywhosanavanger, spoopy-and-sad, kristymacias, qwertyloser, breakfastat3am, clingtoyourfairytails and crazywildthatsme whose name pops out very often in my dash and activity. <3

Special thanks to tumblahland, lastfantasys and stilesanderek for showing me you really can have friends on the internet~!

And many many thanks to the boys in my life: neverendingmunchies, ferezv and ddanielww for being there both here and in real life<3<3

AAAAAND!! ddanielww, baby thank you so much for your picture, I loved it, I love you <3

derbears said:

Love, love, love your project! There! Maybe you'd do Apollo and Athena after? Just two personal favorites of mine. Lots of awed-eyes, Dione.

Apollo is actually our next one up, and I’ll add Athena to our requests! Don’t worry, there aren’t too many yet, haha.

But thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it.