Happy Birthday Ade!!!! (The Mermaid) Wow I remember this time last year when I made you a NJBC photoset, lol BLESS ME. Making this caused me emotional and physical pain thank you very much, but only for mah favorite lady<333 so I hope it makes you smile for at least 7 seconds at least:)) I tried to include your favorite things such as New York and Paris:)) and ofc I included YOUR red dress bc that’s like your icon/signiture lmfao ((am I the only one who was internally screaming when Eric Daman was calling it orange??)) Forever bitter that our paths didn’t pass in New York as that was our destiny. You’re that person who makes my timeline//day brighter without even realizing. You’re so funny I can’t even deal with it ok. Also I miss you:( I guess since GG ended everything is kind of asdfghjkl but know that you’re still pretty much relevant in mah life. You were also one of the first people I ever met in the fandom about nearly 2 years ago so I wanted to thank you because you all made me feel happy and welcomed and you’re still just as awesome as you were then which is ridic:)) APPRECIATION POST FOR YOUR FLAWLESS HAIR AND FACE. jfc and your insane cooking skills too. Basically happy birthday bb, I hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones and thank you for fangirling with me throughout the years, ((we always had so much fun with our CAPS)) and being such a great human in my life. Love you lots- Amz xo