[X] - One Leg Romanian Deadlift

Main targeted muscle group: Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings

Secondary muscle group: Lower Back

How is it performed? Start out by holding a dumbbell in one hand and stand on the opposite leg, knee slightly bend. Bend over with your hips while keeping your back straight, your shoulder blades retracted and the dumbbell near your thigh and shin as you slide it down. How low you can go depends on hamstring flexibility.

The single leg romanian deadlift puts lets stress on the lower back compared to the romanian deadlift due to the reduction in weight.

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Leg exercise: Romanian Deadlift [source]

How is it performed?

  • Grap a barbell on the floor using a pronated or mixed grip slightly wider than shoulder width.  Keep your back and arms straight throughout the movement.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width or less apart, and bend slightly at the knees (if you find that you have to bend your knees a lot, you might have to work on your hamstring flexibility)
  • While exhaling, lift the barbell up by squeezing your glutes and straightening your hips until you are standing up straight.
  • Lower the barbell again by pushing your hips back and bending slightly at the knees (if your hamstrings are tight, you might have to reduce your range of motion)


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Back exercise: Deadlift [Source]

How is it performed?

  • Place your feet flat beneath the loaded barbell.
  • Keep your back straight as squat down to above parallel and grasp the bar with a should width or slightly wider with an overhand grip (if this is too difficult, use a mixed grip)
  • Lift the bar from the ground by hinging your hips forward, extending your knees and raising your torso – pull the shoulder blades back and your chest out by squeezing your back muscles at the top.
  • Bring the barbell back to the ground by leaning your torso forwarded, pushing your hips back and bending at the knees – keep your back straight at all times.

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