Lets try this again!

Hello everyone! I need some more band stuff on my dashboard so please like/reblog/follow me if you post any of the following bands:


Brand New


The Menzingers

The Front Bottoms




The Hotelier

Title Fight

Into It. Over It.

Masked Intruder

Banner Pilot

Say Anything

Modern Baseball

You Blew It!

Rozwell Kid

Any Ska Band (Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mustard Plug, etc.)

“Classic” punk (Descendents, Black Flag, NOFX, Lagwagon, etc.)

“Classic” pop punk (blink-182, Green Day, MxPx, New Found Glory, etc.)

I will check out the blogs of whoever likes this and will follow back most, if not all! Also, be sure to follow if you like similar bands! These are most of the bands I usually post with a few left out.

Be warned though. If your blog is mostly blink-182 and/or Brand New, I might not follow since I post A LOT from both bands (which makes sense since both are in my personal top 5 lol).

welcome to lesbian weezer hell

all weezer covers all female vocals no goddamn pronoun changes

blue album

my name is jonas - sheezer
no one else - sheezer
the world has turned and left me here - tiny t-square
buddy holly - grace mclean & them apples
undone - the sweater song - chelsea williams
surf wax america - sheezer
say it ain’t so - sheezer
in the garage - billy the kid
holiday - sheezer
only in dreams - michaela amato


tired of sex - tegan and sara
getchoo - sheezer
no other one - closet nerd
why bother? - sheezer
across the sea - gitarainseamoon
the good life - sheezer
el scorcho - sheezer
pink triangle - the nighttime adventure society
falling for you - ellen phillips
butterfly - amy bellman

green album

don’t let go - ellen phillips
photograph - kellysouthpaw
hash pipe - scott bradlee ft. nila
hash pipe - melissa laveaux
island in the sun - daniela andrade and sarah lee
crab - erin gutknecht
o girlfriend - julie peel and clouds for lunch


keep fishin’ - the oh! deers
take control - dave is confused
slave - summer wars

make believe

beverly hills - becky grinham
perfect situation - lady of echoes
this is such a pity - genevieve lopez
hold me - cecis andrade
my best friend - julia roshambo
the other way - giova guaini
freak me out - the castle arms
haunt you every day - brianna

to be continued

The #APMAs lineup… so far. More bands announced soon!

Tickets on sale this Friday 4/3.