i got tagged by the amazing dil-howlters-piano-skills

name: Johanna
nicknames: i dont have one >.<
birthday:  september 5
gender: female
sexual orientation: ace B)
height: 5’6
favorite color: uurmm, black, red, or any shade of blue 
current time and date: 22 february, 12.11am
average hours of sleep: like, 6-8 hours
last thing you googled: crescent moon
something that makes you happy: music, friends, yeh
number of blankets you sleep under: one 

i tag: dil-howlters-phone, dilhowltersvagina, dil-howlters-left-nipple, dil-howlters-potted-plant, dil-howlters-uncle-pj, alice-the-koala