B.A.P released a new single. You guys know i couldn’t resist okay ?! ;;
/whispers/ i got excited because i hit 3.1k followers. ehehe - a giveaway never hurt anyone ^_^”

Winners: 2


  • 1st Winner: B.A.P Single Vol. 4 - B.A.P Unplugged 2014 + 1 Unfolded Poster (Random) + 1 Member Photocard + Photo Booklet (24p)
  • 2nd Winner: B.A.P Single Vol. 4 - B.A.P Unplugged 2014 + 1 Member Photocard + Photo Booklet (24p)

Want this really cute album? If you do, then please click the read more link down below. This giveaway is going to end on the 1st August and the winners will be announced 2nd August.


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Let's get shitfaced. @miyu-lynx

It had been a bad week. Wolf wore a dark expression, trudging through the streets of Macbeth on a cloudy Friday afternoon, hands stowed in the pockets of his jacket. He wasn’t exactly angry, more tired and frustrated at how the week had played out.

Although the landlord had allowed him to keep his apartment on Zoness (‘This isn’t the first time the door has been kicked down, I suppose.’), he had been fronted the bill, and his nest egg was depleting rapidly. Despite meeting with several potential clients in Macbeth’s capital, he had only managed to secure one job; enough to keep him afloat for another week or two, but not nearly satisfactory given his circumstances. And it wasn’t helpful that when he arrived home at night, the thoughts he’d been trying to avoid would creep up and niggle at the back of his mind.

Still, he did his best not to let himself get angry again. He was too tired, and he still had a couple of jobs to look into. So he kept his head down, shifted his expression to a neutral one, and turned the corner.


A noise of surprise met his ears as he barely managed to stop in time to avoid colliding with a figure around the bend. He took a step back quickly, raising his head.

”Scuse me…’ he muttered, not particularly bothered until he recognised the woman standing in front of him.



❝Guarded❞ Open Starter.

Hearing the town was guarded didn’t ease Elena the slightest, those creature still remained at bay. That’s if you called call them creatures: brainless, decaying and utterly gut wrenching to witness. She gingerly wandered outside of the house she had been sheltering in with utmost caution, ensuring not straying from from known safety. From a window she had noticed people and decided to investigate further, curiosity wasn’t the best trait to have in a situation like this. 



Okay, because it’s Christmas and I’m feeling jolly heh I’m going to do 5sos ships.

mbf sorry but i have goals

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