The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

Did you make any plans for the weekend yet? No? Well, it’s time to get active and do something fun - something that gets your blood racing!

Since it’s winter season (at least in the northern hemisphere), why not grab your skiing gear (snowboarding works too, of course), some fun friends and hit the road on Saturday morning to shred some pow :) Sound’s too far off your usual weekend plans? Don’t make excuses too quickly! Yeah, you might not live very close to a ski resort, you don’t own any gear, your skiing level might be at beginnerstage (or you never skied at all) or you just haven’t done it in a long time that getting back into it feels like a big deal. Whatever it is that might holdyou back, stop thinking about just that. But think about this:

The moment when you step into your skies (or snowboard), the binding clicks and you’re ready to go. While riding the ski lift to the top of the mountain the noise of the busy world in the valley (and your every day life) dissolves. It’s just you and the mountain. Once you’ve reached the top, the slopes are all yours. The air smells crisp and clean. This is it; this is your moment. Forget all the stress of the past week and just let yourself go.

Doesn’t that sound just perfect?

If you’re still making excuses because some of the reasons mentioned above actually represent your situation, just know this:

· Distance: find a friend with a car, and just make it happen. Split the costs of the ride and have fun on the way, the more the merrier. You don’t have to stay overnight; this can be a great day trip!

· Gear: Simply think about friends who roughly have the same size as you do, borrow their stuff for the day and get all the rest that’s missing from the ski rental at the resort. You’re all sorted.

· Skill level: every good skier has started once, so: no matter how old or how good you are or when you skied last, this is your moment, just start (again) and get better with time! It’s so much fun, don’t miss it!

And don’t forget about the breaks during your ski-day and the joys they bring: whether you prefer a steamy hot chocolate with a nice slice of Apfelstrudel or a cold beer with some beef stew – it’s just such a well deserved highlight. Maybe you even catch some mountain sun!!

Sounds convincing?! Get going and make this your ultimate weekend adventure! You’ll be benefitting from your memories for the whole week ahead. Promised!! :)

Cheers, Your Motivation.

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what a weekend

so much partying, so little time… also, i may have had alot to drink. which means i ate alot. SERIOUSLY, if i wouldnt eat so freakin much when im drinking, it wouldnt be a problem. the calories in the alcohol are bad enough!! so im going to do REALLY well this week to make up for it =D

also, totally not weighing myself today. (im trying to make it a monday thing) i think im skipping this weeks weigh-in. with my lady time comming any day now, im bloated to all hell. plus the weekend water weight.

goal for monday: 163 =]

anonymous asked:

My (now ex) gf broke up with me right after New Year on the 2nd of January of this year and before that, I got a giant canvas that had a photo of us printed on it and last weeend I invited my best friends over and we made a bonfire in my yard and I tossed that canvas in there. Me and my friends proceeded to sing Kumbaya My Lord as the canvas burned down. ARE YOU PROUD OF ME, DAD?

Did you make s’mores

Write your name in songs then tag ten people to do the same

Little Bird- Ed Sheeran

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You- The 1975

Black Treacle- Arctic Monkeys

Bonfire- Childish Gambino

Young Lion- Vampire Weeend

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VIDEO: Ariana Grande - "One Last Time"

VIDEO: Ariana Grande – “One Last Time”

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We say first solo single because “One Last Time” really is that – Problem featured Iggy Azalea, Break Free featured Zedd and Love Me Harder featured The Weeend.

The music video for “One Last Time” premiered on Feb. 15, following an Instagr…

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