I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss your hair that sounds shallow i miss your hair I miss how its like a miniature blanket I like how it pricks and brushed against my neck after lazy sundays and lazy mondays and lazy tuesdays I can’t say i don’t miss your eyes because your eyes are remarkable they’re absolutely ordinary but you showed me that ordinary is extraordinary in every way i miss your arms i miss them wrapped around me like I’m a hostage which i guess i am I’m a hostage of your heart you roped me in with a lasso i wish that you’d lasso the moon for me lasso me the moon like George did for Mary but with you this isn’t a wonderful life anymore i miss your hair and your eyes and your arms but more than all of those i miss your soul i miss your kisses in the morning i miss your laugh and your stupid sense of humor i miss the boy with the words i miss the hope and our little rut of nothing and everything and happiness and more than anything

I miss you.

I honestly can’t read or type this without crying. Manny wrote this after we first broke up and reading it now makes me so sad but so happy that he is such a big part of my life now. Ive never read something so beautiful and reflected our relationship so well. Im crying right now just talking about it. I love you so much and I have no idea how the world brought us together but I thank the sky and the sun and the moon everyday for bringing you to me. You have literally saved my life more than once and have given me a reason to want to stay alive. I hope I get to spend the rest of my life with you and your amazingly beautiful soul. Anyone who crosses your path is unbelievably lucky because you are one of the best people, lover and friend a person could ask for.