My favorite anime? Well, I like Incestuous Magic Murder Prince, but Evil Space Cat Ruins Everything is right up there too. I want to see Underage Girls Dancing and Singing, but I’m too lazy to look it up. I think I should probably watch Magic 90′s Space Barbie, since most people I know like it, but I dunno. I should probably also watch Whiny Asshole in a Giant Robot but it sounds like it’d be waaaaaaay too dark for my tastes.

the signs as weeaboos
  • aries:the "i know anything and everything about any anime that ever existed" weeaboo
  • taurus:the all-around weeaboo
  • gemini:the picky weeaboo
  • cancer:the kawaii desu ne neko-chan senpai weeaboo
  • leo:the closet weeaboo
  • virgo:the weeaboo fluent in japanese
  • libra:the professional cosplaying weeaboo
  • scorpio:the weeaboo still in the XD phase
  • sagittarius:the hipster weeaboo
  • capricorn:the kiss kiss fall in love weeaboo
  • aquarius:not a weeaboo
  • pisces:the weeaboo that only watches sad anime