hey wedgeys xx

so i changed my old username fabulouslyy to spooky-liz because i’m thinking of a new name so until november there is spooky-liz, maybe then something with my birthday and then something new. don’t fucking unfollow because it won’t help you loose your fucking virginity. i’m still the same!


lizzy. ♥


I really love your voice and you’re very beautiful and you’re very sweet(RARELY) and your lips and you always have a wedgey and this strange addiction with green beans but i luh you ma💘

I wanna change my Ema Skye tag from It’s A Scientific Fact! to Scientifically Speaking because I feel like that’s more accurate but ehhh it’s a bit late now. I have a tag-changing thing buried somewhere in my likes but idk if it even works.

Also dammit. I just went with “SeBESTian” for my Sebastian tag because it’s a goofy pun that’s fitting in its own sense but in so doing I missed out on the perfect opportunity to call his tag “Drawing A Bow Without An Arrow” which sounds so much more poetic and now I’m just annoyed. :P

And there are a couple of others I’m not 100% on ehhh like “Rockstar Lawyer Ja?”. And I’m kinda regretting the fact that I used Ms Oldbag’s, “My Dear Edgey Wedgey” for my Edgeworth tag… Because it just gives off creeper Oldbag vibes and he deserves better than that. But I thought it was like totally hilarious and on point at the time of gifting him that tag… XD Whatever