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We totally want to go to this ridiculously fun event, what about you?

One if the best birthdays ever. Made the semi-finals at StraightOuttaWompton bodysurfing contest at the wavehouse. Thanks to the best friends @trailofjosh @ernmcbaldwin @benclassen @laurenclassen @raquel_victoria__ @bnize who made a really long day of this thing. Thanks to @vanmelum and @wedgecrew for putting this thing on. Shout to the NewCrew young guys who threw it down today. #straightouttawompton #bodysurf #bodysurfing #fakewavesandmoney #wompnado #whomp #womp #hombrelobodelasolas

Pushing the sexy envelope to the limit. Who says you can’t have sexy time with a bunch of dudes? Certainly not anybody from San Fran or Laguna Beach. So when we had a house warming party and the opportunity came up to hug other men with our shirts off, we took advantage of it. Notice a lot of hugging and even some nipple twisting. Like I said, this seek is going to be a goo week for photos. PS how about that swell out da back???