Dear AoS Writers,

Clearly you can’t be trusted. I want you all to sit and think about your poor life choices/treatment of Jemma Simmons. 

In the meantime, I’ve planned out the next five and a half season for you. 

Season 2b: Fitzsimmons wedding, Coulson and May make it official and adopt everyone, Shield: the musical, The famous Academy episodes, and the Avengers hang out at the Playground. No one dies. Brainwashing? NO. NEVER. Everyone is in their right mind. Trip and Skye both have super powers and everyone is totally supportive. Trip keeps pranking people with his invisibility powers. We end on Simmons telling Fitz they’re going to have a baby. 

Season 3: Trip focused episodes. A bunch of them. In fact, he is a series regular. He is alive. We are all happy. Also featuring: Fitzsimmons pregnancy fluff, Huntingbird vow renewal (cause oops they never made that divorce official), and Skye’s super cool alien powers.

Season 4: More babies? Yes. Lots of babies. All the family bonding. This is basically a season of domestic fluff. Highlights: Game night, Natasha Romanoff- the babysitter?, Movie night, and the ongoing argument over the chore chart.

Season 5: All the avengers are now officially part of the show. Also, Ward gets a puppy.

Season 6: Time Travel? Yeah. Peggy Carter (circa 1950) shows up and takes over as director. Coulson is totally cool with it. He’s super busy with the kids/ grandkids. We end on Peggy and Steve’s wedding. Bucky is the best man. Coulson officiates. Fitzsimmons baby number 4 is the flower girl.

Season 7: Now that Hydra is taken care of (because Shield has a competent director), everyone has a good ole time hanging out at the Playground. They go on some cooky low key spy like missions/fun family vacations on the bus.

anonymous asked:

I'm seventeen and my parents want to marry me to a twenty seven year old British-Palestinian doctor. My mom is so excited and my dad doesn't seem to mind because the guy is a doctor. They won't listen to me when I say I'm too young to marry and are planning a wedding in MAY of this year WHAT DO I DO IM SO SCARED

Try talking to them. They might think it’s the age difference, but tell them it’s not. Explain to them how you’re not ready, and you’re only 17. If you’re muslim, I highly suggest you look up in the quran and Hadiths on forcing marriage.


15 hours of prep, cooking and serving 200 guest at the wedding yesterday. It was just me and my two roommates. Here are some pictures I had time to take and the menu. We didn’t do buffet style serving. We prepared 200 + individual plates times 4 courses. At least we had volunteers who took the plates to the tables. I very rarely work on the kitchen side of a wedding. I may not have danced or partied but it was still gratifying. My big heart and a hot bath will sooth this sore body.

If You Show Up There Then You Know I Will Too

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by sopattable

Words: 11,098

Chapters: 4 

Rating: PG-13

Everyone in Louis’ life keeps getting married, but he’s almost 30 and single. (He’s also grumpy about it). Harry sings in a wedding band, and Louis may have a bit of a crush.

“Well,” Harry says, his voice rumbling in such a way that Louis thinks it almost obscene. “Someone did just run into me and knock my stuff over, so you should probably punish whoever did that, you know?”

“Oh yes,” Louis responds seriously. “We will make sure that they are punished accordingly. Perhaps no wedding cake?”

“A bit severe… no wedding cake? How can you have a wedding without wedding cake? Maybe just make them wait to get cake til the end?”

 Brilliant. Harry might be Louis’ soul-mate.


Winchester codes


I’m not lonely, Sherlock…



Colours meme; Purple

Purple is specifically associated with royalty and the nobility, creating an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance. It contains the energy and strength of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue. Purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions.

Too much of the color purple can promote or aggravate depression in some. It is one color that should be used extremely carefully and in small amounts by those who are vulnerable to these depressed states. x

May 24th, 2014 - Kendall and Kylie at Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

Another photo shows Kanye chatting with the bridal party after the ceremony in a bright, airy room that somehow illustrates all on its own the idyllic Mediterranean setting. Khloé Kardashian is holding North in the pic and Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are gathered all around, each one in a white dress tailored to her individual style.

As Kendall later said, “We just wore some simple pretty gowns that Kim and Kanye picked out.”

"The image was taken right after Kim and Kanye wed," Khloé tells E! News. "We were all discussing how calm and dream-like the wedding was. The peace in Kim and Kanye was undeniable. We all felt as if they had been married in another lifetime. I have always believed these two are soul mates."

Adds Kourtney: “It was right after they said their vows and we all came back to the fort. This picture is beautiful. Every moment was like a fairy-tale dream come true.”