An Update

Oh hai there. Remember me? The girl who used to blog up to five times a day? Good God, what did I even write about then?  

  • Life has been busy. I know, yadda yadda, life is busy for everyone, but for reals, I am pleased March is coming to an end in a mere thirty hours, because I, for one, need a quiet month. 
  • So I went to New York City two weekends ago for my friend Janine’s wedding - hurrah! You may remember Janine from such events as being a key player in that absolutely crazy story, which sort of made the day even more special. (Without doubt, Janine and I have the best ‘how we met’ story ever). 
  • So… the best way to describe my love for Janine is to say that if I were a guy, I’d think she was my soul mate. Except, oh wait! I don’t believe soul mates are gender specific, and therefore she is my soul mate. Yup. Yup I’m aware of how odd that sounds, but you guys - I love that girl so much. Mike is one lucky man, and their wedding brought tears to my eyes from how happy I was for them. (I know, right? cue the violins and harps and side-eye).
  • Here’s my favourite photo of them from their wedding day… 
  • And yes, oh me oh my was it cold and snowy day! 
  • I should also really rewind to that morning because I NEARLY missed the whole thing because of the snow.  When I booked my flight I knew I was cutting it close as it was, and then, because LOL airports, my plane was delayed by four hours and good God… a hop, skip and jump later, I arrived at the church at 2:58pm when the ceremony was at 3pm. I was actually so delayed I had to get changed in a, ummm, confessional? Or knook, or somewhere I’m pret-ty sure no female has been nak-id since, well, ever. 
  • But whatever, I made it, and watched the I Dos, and cried and was thrilled I got to witness my two friends get married. 
  • The reception was also a lot of fun! Firstly, LOOK AT THE VENUE IT WAS AT!! It was awfully sad about the snow, but I still crept up to the window and admired the lights of Manhattan shining through.  The food was exceptionally delicious, and Janine and Mike have an outstanding, young crew surrounding them which kept the dance floor alive start to finish! Plus… I got to hang out with my friends Val and Tom again - so you can just colour my night complete. 
  • The next morning I woke up without a hangover (hurrah!) dined with their huge family on New York bagels and coffee, before bidding fare well and heading to the East Village where I was staying. (Usually I stayed with people, but this trip I used - and would def recommend it). 
  • Every time I go to NYC I seem to tackle a new area, and this trip’s area was certainly down town.  Time was limited,  but I think I made the most of it, as I met up with… are you ready for this… TWELVE friends within 48 hours. Yup *pats self on back* I was a NYC go-getter. Here a few of those people in photo form. 
  • Sometimes I think if I moved to NYC I would legit have more friends there than I do in Toronto. (Also, top right is Jen (*waves*). Jen is from Germany, but traveled to Toronto last summer, and so we met up for dinner one night (she reads my blog), and then, get this, we had a MUTUAL friend! My friend from Sydney (who I met hiking in Nepal and then traveled New Zealand with) slept on her couch via the couchsurfing website - how cool is that?! such a small world!). 
  • Okay, back to NYC. And then, because, well, NYC, I did a bit of sightseeing. It’s a bit redundant if you already follow me on Instagram (LizClarie_), but here my favourite photos of the trip (which includes a boat trip out to Staten Island, and Ground Zero - which I had somehow never done before, so I was really pleased I finally made it there). 
  • Let it be known that that day on the boat, was top 3 coldest moments of my life. OF MY LIFE.  (#1 and #2 both being from when I hiked to Base Camp Mt. Everest - for some reason, I remember very cold moments well.)
  • And then suddenly I was at the airport, and heading back to Toronto. Except, oh wait, not without another story for you: So there I was sitting at Terminal D at La Guardia airport, minding my own business as I was waiting for my flight to be called, when I see this (obviously very wealthy woman) take a seat across from me.  She looks at the woman next to her, introduces herself (it sounded like they recognized each other from some conference) and then she says (loudly), “My husband is upgrading us to first class.”  Cool. Okay. Now everyone knows. Not my personal style, but okay, cool, whatever. THEN… then this little boy, well, I would say about ten years old comes running up to this wealthy woman and sits on her lap absolutely hysterical. He’s sobbing so hard he can’t even express to his mom what the trouble that pains him so much is. And then finally, though gasps of air, I hear, “they (gasp) can’t (gasp) (gasp) upgrade us (gasp) to first class.” Tears. Tears. Tears. Say what now? And sure enough the husband presents himself shortly after, noting how he couldn’t upgrade them to first class (despite him offering extra money to do so). The kid is *still* hysterical, and after his mom and dad both offer to go buy him “something nice,” and next time, they “promise we will get the good seats,” the kid says (still through gasps for air and streams of tears), “but I don’t want to sit back there with those people.” Honestly, I wish I had caught the whole thing on video, and/or was able to be like, “OR YOU SERIOUS?” because what the hell. What the hell. Anywho, then long story short, I was home!
  • What else? What else? Since I’v been back in Toronto-land, I’ve been home one night. ONE NIGHT. I know this because I did a massive grocery shop without looking at my calendar, and so much food went bad (ugh). 
  • Oh! I went on a date. More than one, to not be exact. And now I have an ah-mazing story for you regarding date etiquette. And/or lack therefore. It includes brunch, dinner, and time in between exploring Bed, Bath and Beyond, Marshals, and Winners.  So yea… there’s that. :)
  • Also, birthdays! March has been full of birthdays each and every weekend. Actually, just this last weekend I helped celebrate two! Sometimes it sort of blows my mind how fast time goes, because now I’ve been friends with these people for more than half my life!
  • What else? Oh. Yea. Work. That place I go each and every morning and am actually still at because, well, I seriously do love my job.. I’m working on two lofty projects at the moment and sucking in each day’s experience - it’s exciting stuff in my neck of the woods, and I’m so lame that even this long weekend ahead of us I could do without. JUST KIDDING. Because YOLO. Did I just say yolo? No! Never!
  • Here I am at work right now. Pretty much, I just want to let y’all know I’m having an excellent hair day (despite it having a run under its belt…). I know, ewwww TMI, but meh, I was running late this morning so just did a bod-ay shower. 
  • Speaking of RUNNING…. mind=blown that I am speaking of running, I’m sort of maybe, kinda, attempting to lace up and hit the roads again. Right now my runs are pretty much just, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! WHY IS THIS SO HARD?! HOW DID I EVER RUN LONG DISTANCE BEFORE?! THAT TRAFFIC LIGHT BETTER CHANGE TO RED,” so yea… there’s that. I have a 10k race May 10th, and then I’m hoping to run a half marathon at the end of the summer. Full Marathon? LOL NO. Here some pretty photos I’ve taken on my runs:
  • Ohmygod, is anyone even still reading this? I’m pretty sure I would have peaced out at 3.2 bullet points in. But if, just by chance you are indeed reading here, I’ve also been doing Project Sunshine stuff, spring cleaning my apartment, watching way too much TV (unbreakable kimmey schmidt, rectify, bloodline, big brother (don’t judge me, for I am already judging you), and last, but certainly not least, hanging out with these two! 
  • Yup. I am that happy apparently that the warmer weather is nearly here. OKAY, OKAY, and and with that, goodbye, adios, haste la vista (until the next time procrastination forces me to post!). 

angeleyes-goldenwings asked:

Just when TVD had another Bamon moment (Omg the cure confession! ) HAITUS....! I'm starting to remember why I stopped witching-ridiculous hiatus schedules.

I know right!! Why after such a powerful moment? Its like they think the Bamon fever will be kept in check that way (ever the conspiracy theorist) but they’re wrong! We just want more! The Bamon withdrawal is getting to me already and its only been a week no Bamon. 

I think I might work on a new sketch just to pass time. Maybe based on the cure scene (it was so damn sweet I keep re watching it) or the wedding since Im hearing she may or may not be there which would be total crap. Bonnie deserves to get dressed up and have Damon go speechless when he sees her. Have Damon feel the weight of Bonnie’s gift once again when he dances with her and realises maybe he doesnt wanna spend eternity with Elga but one lifetime with Bon Bon…I gotta stop my wishful thinking because we know the tvd writers arent reliable for our girl. It would be such a wonderful outcome to such a stupid hiatus though.

IM gay but i will marry adrien brody we’re going to wed. it will be a spring wedding, sometime in may. a small and modest, but nice affair. you know, just close friends and our parents. our wedding colors are gonna be gold and green and im wearing an old fashioned, but elegant and simple sleeveless off-white dress

In Hopes Of Waking

How have we let our spines grow crooked?
And can we now melt them in hopes of waking
New and symmetrical and aligned?

I am comfortable now with left and right
Never reflecting onto each other.
I am comfortable now with visual dissonance
And the way my posture has bent and twisted,
And the way our tongues have slowly contorted.

How have we come to the heavy sighs, the weary watching
Of smoke filtering light, of afternoon becoming night,
Of every morning squeezed in palm
And the vibrant last breath escaping them all?

I am comfortable now with scar tissue
And crawling through junkyards after sunset
And scavenging for objects that seem to remember
The sentimental hands of former owners that surrender.
They ache with arthritis. They can no longer hold us.

May we take these home?
May we decorate our windowsills
With the chipped glass bottles and rusted wedding rings
Of unnamed ghosts?
May we take these home?

I stand with a child’s knees bending at my shoulders
And his hands curled around my ears
And his feet swinging into my chest
Against a heartbeat there
I have quieted.

I stand and wait for the parade
And he laughs at the trumpets
And I laugh at the snares
And we shake together

How have we let our strings get so tangled?
And can we now untie them in hopes of waking


Winchester codes


I’m not lonely, Sherlock…



May 24th, 2014 - Kendall and Kylie at Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

Another photo shows Kanye chatting with the bridal party after the ceremony in a bright, airy room that somehow illustrates all on its own the idyllic Mediterranean setting. Khloé Kardashian is holding North in the pic and Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are gathered all around, each one in a white dress tailored to her individual style.

As Kendall later said, “We just wore some simple pretty gowns that Kim and Kanye picked out.”

"The image was taken right after Kim and Kanye wed," Khloé tells E! News. "We were all discussing how calm and dream-like the wedding was. The peace in Kim and Kanye was undeniable. We all felt as if they had been married in another lifetime. I have always believed these two are soul mates."

Adds Kourtney: “It was right after they said their vows and we all came back to the fort. This picture is beautiful. Every moment was like a fairy-tale dream come true.”


ouat challenge: day fourteen - favourite scene(s)

"Rumplestiltskin, this thing we have.. it's never been easy. I've lost you so many times. I've lost you to darkness, to weakness, and finally to death. But now I realise that..  
I have not spent my life losing you.
I've spent my life finding you.
"Belle, when we met you I wasn't just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. 
My walls were up but you brought them down.
You brought me home.

You brought light into my life
and chased away all the darkness.

And I vow to you, I will never forget the distance between what I was and what I am. I owe more to you than I can ever say. How you can see the man behind the monster I will never know."

But that monster's gone and the man beneath him may be flawed but we all are. And I love you for it.
Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket.
And sometimes the best teacup is chipped"