Homemade Crafts for the Wedding of Charlene & Kenneth “Atholl Palace” Pitlochry Scotland by Salicia on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Photograph mosaic of my crafts for the wedding of my daughter & her fiance. The photograph contains Wedding CD Favours with music from the wedding for our lovely lady guests and also wedding scrolls which contained a welcome letter from the Bride & Groom. I hope my photos provide a little inspiration for some future brides. Happy wedding planning

#day22 - the stationary - here are what my finished invites will look like, they are on order at the moment as I don’t need them for another 6months, the rest of my stationary is in exactly the same colours the card is pearlised so it looks so pretty in person I got a fantastic deal from pure invitation including a table plan, thank you cards, save the dates, RSVPS, order of service, place cards & table names #marriedmay #weddinginvites #weddinginvitations #weddingcolours #weddingtheme #weddingsupplier #wedding #weddingstationary #savethedates


Code: Black and/or White 

As we are not your usual couple, and this isn’t your usual wedding….we thought we’d change up the dress code a bit.  Think Black. White. Both. 

Once you see the wedding party and our parents we hope you will understand our inspiration for the wedding dress code. 

Drake, Dion Phaneuf, Bay Street Lawyers

What do all three have in common you ask? 

Well - Drake, Dion and the partners of the bay street types get outfitted at Garrison Bespoke.  So G might not be the suit kind of man, but every man deserves a custom suit one in their life.  If their marriage isn’t a perfect occasion, then what is?


I think G was a little uncertain about a custom suit but once our stylist Emma offered him a scotch - let’s just say he was pudding in her hands.  She effortlessly guided him through all the decisions of designing your own three piece suite with 2 custom shirts. 

I’m very excited to see the end product of this collaboration between G’s artsy/hippie street and the best tailors in town. I’m sure you will love the creation as much as I will. 

We won’t give it away, but trust me - G’s suit will be far from ordinary and definitely not predictable.  Let’s just say - this isn’t your standard tuxedo or black suit. But what else would you expect from Drake’s tailors, G’s creativity and a good dose of my couture sensibility? 


Design Muse....Pineda Covalin

As artist/artisans ourselves, both of us have celebrated and collected indigenous on our individual travels.  Not surprisingly as a couple, we have continued this tradition. Our living room is an explosion of colourful art acquired on our trips together. We have:

  • indigenous and Mayan masks from Panama and El Salvador
  • oil on newsprint painting from Havana
  • indigo batik scarves from El Savador

Our latest acquisition are silk scarves from Mexico’s Pineda Covalin. The first time we were in Mexico we didn’t purchase any of their work but on my most recent trip, the El Dorado Seaside had Pineda Covalin prints up all over our room and the lobby.  I couldn’t help myself but pick up many of their pieces this weekend.

Pineda Covalin is a Mexico design company known for its signature prints reflecting the customs, traditions, motifs of Mexico’s diverse communities.  


Their designs include more well established motifs such as the Virgin of Guadeloupe, Monarch butterflies, skulls (for day of the dead),  pineapples etc but also lesser known motifs. 





Garrrry and I were drawn instantly to the colour and authenticity of the design house.  When you see flashes of Pineda before and during our time in Mexico together, we hope you will enjoy the art as much as we do. 


Wedding Design

Pineda Covalin’s ”Red Tepari Chaquira”

"For a long time, the Huichol people have preserved their rites and believes, such as the peregrinations they make to San Luis Potosi, during their festivities, Generation after generation, they have jealously kept each of their myths; a fact that allows us to glance at the native world disappeared after the Spain conquest, The ceremonies are linked to the peyote, a hallucinogen plant wich is a basic element for many autochthonous groups in their cosmological rites development; the corn, from which the prehispanic man was created; and the deer, which has a heavenly background, Altogether make up the ceremonial unit, In order to start the ceremony, they offer “Nierikas” (elements to see) as gifts symbolizing their prayers and they open the gates to heaven, the place they inhabit; and their commitment is to work, understand, bless, and preserve it."