On Weddings

Disclaimer:  I am fully aware that weddings are super sensitive subjects.  I totally support everyone having the wedding that best represents them as a couple and their families.  This just reflects our thought process in wedding planning.

So I have tried to keep this from turning into a wedding blog, but being engaged and planning a wedding are pretty special.  And this is my blog (plus, I secretly like reading about other people’s weddings), so here I go.  I was going to wait to post this, but given the Supreme Court ruling today it seemed particularly timely.

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Just finished this box of lapel pin flies for the groomsmen of a Speyside wedding. All interpretations of classic patterns, built with the inclemency of Scottish weather in mind.

Every fly has a lapel pin whipped into the underbody, hence the bulge in the shank. this proved very difficult on a number of patterns as the rib would often slide down the extreme taper.

If you are interested in something similar, drop me a line at . There is no set price and I will endeavour to come up with a concept for any budget.

- life happens -

what do you do when the happiest time of your life is also the most difficult? four months remain until i become Mrs. Westwood and there is a lot of wedding planning to be done, but i am remembering one significant thing today: this wedding is not the most important thing-Christ, and Him being glorified in this marriage, is the most important thing. the flowers, music, cake, venue, and shoes i wear will not matter. what matters is: glorifying God, my soul’s health, maintaining the right attitude, keeping joy, and enduring through this chapter of my life, with Christ. Kyle and i are growing more than ever, dealing with all kinds of new adjustments (him being back home, new full-time jobs, family drama for me, switching churches, eating healthy…) and all i want to do is elope and scream a little bit. but then i would gain nothing of value. there is no time to run away and leave my problems behind. i must face them and surrender myself over to the One who sustains me daily. all in all, what i am trying to type out is this: life is really hard, but i can smile genuinely, because Christ gives me joy and is my Helper. 

life is nuts. but soo good. 

Just want to celebrate the joys a little

- Had a really smooth/seamless run today (about 7.5 miles today, 1.5 of which was with my mom!). I owe my rested legs to the fiancee, who got the puppy up today, and my new tattoo, which I kept glimpsing and it would give me a boost of confident energy.

- Was able to buy my family ice creams today at Ben&Jerry’s because we were all free at the same time. Feeling thankful for time, proximity, and finances.

- Got to ask my grandma to come wedding dress shopping with me this Friday. I head her whisper this information to my mom, which was adorable, because of course my mom already knew that, but my grandma was just so pleased to be invited and was just beaming.

- Spent some really romantic time with E, and just felt so relaxed and happy about everything. We played with Piper in the sun, danced to a little Norah Jones on the deck, kissed a bunch and without being in a hurry for once, and she went down to the beach and found me mini’s of everything (mussel shell, oyster shell, clam shell, and sand dollar! holy cow!).

- And finally, when my sister gets home from work, we’re all going to wedding plan a little, make an at-home bar (we lay out the counter with mixed drink supplies, nuts, pub mix, etc. and pretend we’re out on the town), and then we’re going to have a cheesy wedding movie marathon. What a great day!



Devon: This wedding is about you and me. It’s about us loving each other, and telling the world that I choose you forever and always, and I am damn proud that you choose me back. 
Hilary: Have I told you today that I love you?
Devon: You can always tell me again.
Hilary: Well, I love you Devon Hamilton, and I can’t wait to tell the world.

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Singing test

I’m getting obsessed with my wedding even thou it’s more then a year left. I have decided that I will be singing Come what May from Moulin Rouge as a solo during the ceremony and here’s a first test.

Have to find the right key thou, it doesn’t feel right yet. (And I need top save up for some singing lessons so I’ll get back into shape before then)