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Tomorrow is my first bridal shower and I am very excited, but also nervous. Praying that I’m good at remembering names, don’t feel overwhelming awkward when opening gifts and that my anxiety is nonexistent. Prayers are welcomed. Thank you all. :)


Vera Wang announces the debut of her Spring 2016 Bride Collection via a short film titled ‘Hotel Madrid’.

Another long chapter for your reading pleasure!

Oh, but if you haven’t read the last chapter yet, immediate spoilers are in the excerpt below.

Fair warning.

Don’t do it.

…All right, go for it.

“'In a hurry to marry us off?’ Nidoking laughed.

‘Not exactly,’ she glanced quickly back at us.

'Ah, we’ll invite them back, of course.’ Nidoking smiled at us. 'In fact, as soon as you get invitations, you’d better clear up your schedules and be back here on the date!’

'Yes, sir,’ we responded together.

'Very good.’ His smiled faded and he exhaled deeply. 'Well, thanks to that mage visitor from the ball, they’ll be expecting you soon, so you’ll need to get going.’

Upon being reminded of him, my hand rubbed the top of my head. Solemnly, the three of us nodded and we all walked out the front door. No one was in the courtyard; presumably, they were either in the back or out training elsewhere. The three of us turned back once again. Nidoking and Rhydon sadly watched us, with the others behind them.

'So…goodbye?’ Delphox waved slightly.”

Phew, and that doesn’t even happen until the end of the chapter. Want to know what happens before? One way to find out! (Click the link and read.)