A fall wedding presents you with a wonderfully rich color palette to work with. Fall is full of colors such as rich browns, reds, yellows and ochre’s, as well as gold, orange and green. Early frosts can add another dimension to your color scheme but personally I would keep the scheme warm and natural and let the season itself dictate the colors and motifs you use. 

When it comes to choosing accents and motifs for things like your wedding stationery and favors, think about ideas which use leaves, nuts such as acorns, fruits, vegetables and harvest. Your could also use Halloween as inspiration with pumpkins, candles and the full moon making for elegant motifs without being too spooky!

Decorations: A fall wedding gives you a great opportunity to flex your creative skills and show of your DIY prowess! Fallen leaves are an obvious decoration ingredient, but do try to collect leaves which have just fallen and which still have some moisture in them. If they are too dry they will simply crumble when you try to handle them. Collect as many as you can and if possible freeze them or spray with a sealant to keep the moisture in. You can also do the same with twigs, berries and fall flowers.

Use your leaves, twigs and berries to create garlands to decorate walls and candle rings or wreaths to hang on doors and chair backs. You could also introduce dried fruit slices such as apples and oranges, and pine cones, dried herbs and flowers for added interest. If you want to add some sparkle make crystal picks with wire and crystal beads in fall colors. These will add a little extra interest to decorations or alternatively sprinkle some leaves with glitter and distribute randomly throughout your decorations.

Collect some larger leaves such as beech, ash, chestnut or oak and use them as place cards or tags for your wedding favors by writing guests names on them. Fall is season which presents hundreds of ideas for wedding favors, from flower and vegetable seeds, preserves and drinks, potted plants and flavours of fall edibles.

If you find it difficult to collect real leaves use paper ones instead which have been die cut or good quality fabric versions – however these will be an added expense on your wedding budget.