20 Award Winning Black & White Wedding Photos of 2014

Every year the ISPWP (The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers ) holds a quarterly contest for members-only in wedding photography. As an organization, the ISPWP features the best wedding photographers and moving moments captured around the globe. The contests contains a variety of 20 categories ranging from an engagement portrait, first dance, bride portrait, emotional impact, getting ready, pure art, and more. Tender, intimate and breath-taking, the portraits reflect a wide spectrum of traditions and global joy. Take a trip with us to Spain, Russia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany and more to celebrate the beauty of the most special moment in one’s life.

Below are some of the best black and white wedding photography images of the year.


Paula Boto | Paula Boto – Visual PC Studio | Vigo, Spain

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Wedding went perfect! Everyone else took pictures so I’ll show them later!

It all went 10 times better than i hoped it would, i loved every minute, nothing even really went wrong!

Everyone laughed at my vows though, i didn’t MEAN to make them super funny but i guess they were!!!

The only thing that went bad yesterday was i got locked out of the venue while taking pictures, and this big muddy dog tried to jump on me, my friend dove in front of it to chase it away cause it REALLY wanted to jump up on my big fluffy dress.

but it all went perfect and i was so happy and i cried and laughed and danced and it was everything i wanted it to be!!!