ok I got tired of waiting for the high quality digitals so here’s the low quality Facebook ones and cellphone pics of me n davyn the-frostiest-of-butts at our wedding

In order:

1) eating each other’s faces
2) me making a joke and the photographer being 3quick5me
3) yes those are Link and Zelda amiibo carefully wrapped in foil and used as the toppers
4) the garter thing I just rly love the angle it’s a gr8 pic
5) thank u card attached to hot cocoa favors, that is a (free) mock-up font called Pretendo.
6) a card that my best guys got for us. easily the greatest card of all time.
7) my grandparents and his grandparents each independently got us the exact same card
8) me goin hard on the sparkling apple juice bc it’s good af
9) us not knowing how to first-dance to Satellite by Dave Matthews Band
10) the cake smushing

the likelihood is low but please do not use these photos for anything unless the watermarks remain present -and- any posts including any of these images are linked back to this post

We wanted to show that in his own slightly clumsy, high-functioning way he is trying to reach out and say how much he cares but he just doesn’t know how to do it. So he does it by making the most insulting and upsetting best man’s speech ever, but then rather brilliantly turns it round to say, “I don’t know why I’m your best friend - in fact, I’m not anymore, because look what you’ve found”.
—  Mark Gatiss on Sherlock’s best man’s speech (Sherlock: Chronicles)