wecoalesce asked:

16, 20, 24?

16 - do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?

  • omg yes, starting college will be such a big change for me, new town, new people. Really finding myself :) so excited 

20 - Are you starting to realize anything? 

  • Holy shit I’m going to college in 2 months 

24 - What do I want this second?

  • My boyfriend so I can cuddle and fall asleep with him 

challenge mapping:

We used the simplex process to develop fuzzy situations and find problems that already exist, find out why they exist, and therefore create a “how might we…” statement that will help us solve the problem.

We started with “Doctors are prescribing medication too freely,” which led to us asking the question, “How might we prevent doctors from prescribing medications too freely?” One reason that we came up for this was that doctors do not have time to get to know their patients.