webtail said:

So I just realized I accidentally got the same haircut as you yesterday. I can really only hope I look a fraction as lovely as my favorite robutts blogger. :D

Awww, yay! 

My hair’s been sooo icky in this weather. It behaved super well in San Diego but back here it’s like… a poofy mess now, haha.

webtail said:

Hey, I really love your fix and to begin again. Like, I am insanely in love with it. Back when I first finished season ten, I was all like, holy shitballs, now he can fix it with time travel, because everyone should be writing that, but then when I got to the archive, and tumble, and I even looked at ff net, and there were none! But this one is lovely and perf, and basically I just want to ascertain that you are continuing it, as you haven't updated in awhile.

Oh my! Thank you so much for the compliment!

Of course I’m continuing! Don’t worry dearest! Things are just a little slow going, but I’m continuing! :)

webtail said:

Are you okay? Are you alive? Don't be dead, okay? I don't know what I would do anymore, if I didn't have you and your writing to look forwards to.

I am alive, but buried in spandex because you know what? Carol Danvers’ outfit — you look at it like. Okay. That looks pretty simple. I can do that. It’s some stripes and an emblem. And then you try to do it and its like CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK. WHY. HOW. ALSO WHAT ARE ZIPPERS. DAMN YOU CAPTAIN MARVEL AND YUR STUPID STAR EMBLEM WITH A ZIPPER DOWN THE MIDDLE WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT. But I’m doing pretty good otherwise and I did something cute with her biker collar thing last night so wheeee

#my first sewing project #cosplay problems #i promise im alive #just dead fucking tired. #thank u for asking yur super nice