Welcome to Crazymeds, where we try to explain more about psychiatric and neurological medications than the WebMD family1 and any other site that offers “FDA-approved” information. Instead of reformatted, but otherwise word-for-word copies of the same patient information literature (PIL) and prescribing information / package inserts (PI) that often are supposed to come with your meds2, Crazymeds is where you can learn what’s good, what’s bad, what’s interesting, and what’s plain weird and funny about the medications used to treat depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy, migraines, anxiety, neuropathic pain, or whatever psychiatric and/or neurological conditions you might have. We give you details other sites don’t, ones that are really helpful for you to work with your doctor(s) to find the right treatment options. 

Crazymeds is an amazing resource and offers frank information written in plain-English about mental disorders and the drugs used to treat them. I’ve used it extensively in my own WIP and I can’t recommend it enough.

Few key points:

  • They do not deal with pediatric mental illness. You can find information about what meds are okay for children and which ones come with warnings, but don’t ask for information about children. (See Footnote  3 on their website)
  • There are forums, but respect that space. That forum is meant for people who are living with mental illnesses to ask questions and get support in a safe space. If that describes you, rock on. However, if you think it’s a good idea to post questions about your MC’s mental health issues and if the MC should be on Seroquel or Abilify you need to check your privilege before you hit the submit button.


Hey all! I’ve decided to make another dandy masterpost of my bookmarks, consisting of all kinds of things! In case you’re interested in them 



Futilitris - Endless Tetris!

Papertoilet - Just unrolling virtual toilet paper, if you’re into that kind of thing

The Impossible Game

Texter - Make drawings and stuff out of copy-pasted text!

Super Mario online

Kiss giraffes

Play as a bunny ringing winter bells



A Slower Speed of Light - a first-person game prototype in

which players navigate a 3D space while picking up orbs that reduce the speed of light in increments 

Color-Matching Game - For the artsy people!

Make an Adventure Time princess

Square Icon Generator - Create cute icons

Ana Somia (Lights Out) - A cute finding game

Do Not Touch - See for yourself

Virtual Piano - Pretty self-explanatory! 

Draw a Stickman - And watch it come to life

Imagination - A pretty and simple drag-and-click game with lots of colors!


This is Sand - Changes pixels on your screen into digital sand

Play Snake Game - THE snake game

Games2Win - Ridiculous online games

The Wilderness Downtown - An interactive film

Llama in your face


Nature Sounds

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes - and listen to the ocean

Anxiety self-help

Cute Yahoo Answers

SimplyNoise - Various calming sounds

Gruntle.Me - Look at cute animals

Rainy Mood - Nice rain sounds

The Quiet Place

The magic button makes everything okay

Cute Roulette - Plays cute animal videos!

You are Special - An online version of my favorite child’s book which discusses the importance of self-love

Happy News - Restore your faith in humanity!

The Dawn Room - Sibling site to The Quiet Place

The Thoughts Room

Nice playlists - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Need a hug? (PDA warning if you don’t like that kind of thing)

A nice thing to read

Help to Relax

Automatic Flatterer


Welcome to Night Vale

Saint Young Men

Full Movies on Youtube 

Steven Universe

French animation movies

Marvel flicks

Mean Girls

Disney Classics

Fried Green Tomatoes

Various Movie List

Various Movie List 2

Flicks for angsty teens

Bob’s Burgers

Scary Movies

The Breakfast Club




Pixar flicks

Ghibli flicks

Non-Disney animation flicks

LGBT flicks

Lesbian movies

Broadway/Musical movies

Nickreboot - 24/7 online streaming of 90’s Nickelodeon Tv shows


Yummy snacks



Blouses n Shirts

MORE dresses


Clothes for under $10

Cheap trendy clothes

Customize and design clothes

worldwide free shipping everything

worldwide free shipping fashion

worldwide free shipping clothes

worldwide free shipping books

worldwide free shipping cosmetics

Shiro cosmetics - Orders come with candy and free samples!


Mathway - Does your math stuff for you

Bibme - Bibliography makers

Legit online college courses for FREE

Excuses for no homework

For juniors and seniors with low-income families who need scholarships


Simultaneously expand your vocabulary AND feed the poor!

Crash Courses

Learn a language

Learn an UNCOMMON language

Nice powerpoint maker

How to write an essay

Grammar and Spell Check

Psychology lectures

Online Chemical equation balancer


Blah Therapy

FATAL self defense techniques

More self defense because that shit’s important

Emotional Baggage Check

Small things to make your life easier

Cheat sheet for becoming an adult!

Stuff nobody tells you about getting an apartment

What the fuck should I do today/make for dinner/listen to now/do with my life

Figure out when to go to bed

How to fall asleep fast

Easy and effective stretching and workouts

Get a job!

How to afford to travel

Common fears and how to get over them


Make your handwriting into a font!

Things to do with online friends

Free online guitar lessons



Ways to re-use old t-shirts

Creepy sites

Free online piano lessons

Psychology tests

Shrine of Jared Padelacki’s ass

Personality Disorder test

How to get rid of dark circles


Ideas people had when they were high

TV clips without context

Hella useful websites

Easy makeup tips


8Tracks- Find all kinds of music compiled by others and make your own playlists



MyNoise - Unique sounds

MusicShake - Create music online

Make Beautiful Music - Just try this oh my gosh

Spotify - Listen to entire playlists and albums of your favorite musicians!

My blog’s music tag

A masterpost of fun websites and stuff


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PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, has shut off comments for good. Popular site PopSci also shut off their comments late last year. More and more well-known creators are ditching website comment sections because spam, misogyny, racism, and other gross language seems to overpower quality conversation.

Is there any way to rein-in out-of-line comments while keeping the ones that are actually part of a debate or dialogue?

anonymous said:

do you guys know of any other blogs like this one, but that focus more on psychosis, paranoia, and derealization rather than mostly depression/anxiety?

Hi Anon,

Check out these links from our Helpful Resources page!

Similar memes and Advice Animals

Like the posts here on mentalillnessmouse, posts on these other tumblrs may be triggering, so peruse and enjoy at your own risk. 

ADHD Aardvark

Anxiety Cat

Aspie Fawn

Autistic Axolotl

Autistic Eagle 

Autistic Hedgehog

Autistic Kitten


Bipolar Owl

Bipolar Owl [new]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Lion

Borderline Scorpion

Chronic Anxiety Cat

Chronic Illness Cat

Clinically Depressed Koala

Clinically Depressed Pug

Derealization Dalmation

Derma Dragonfly

Diabetic Cat

Dissociative Degu

Dyscalculic Dolphin

Dyslexic Duckling

Dyspraxic Panda

Eating Disorder Elephant

Eating Disorder Owl

Eating Disorder Recovery Starfish

Emotionally Volatile Bear

Executive Dysfunction Goat

Hypochondria Hippo

Intrusive Thought Indri


Male ED magpie 

Mental Illness Armadillo

Migraine Margay

Misophonia Meerkat 

OCD Otter

OCD Otter [new]

Perfectionist Polar Bear

PPD Porcupine

Psychology Student Platypus

Psychology Major Rat 

Psychosis Salamander

Psychotic Depression Border Collie

PTSD Elephant


Seizure Beaver

Self-injury shark

Sensory Sea Turtle

Sleep Disorder Grizzly

Social Anxiety Mouse

Survivor Rat

Synesthete Snail

Tourette’s Toucan 

Trich Tortoise


Advice Animals

Boggle Loves You

Calming Manatee

Inspirational Bats

recovery/psych/mental health/inspiration blogs



You Are Not Alone




Anatomy of Recovery

Mind Rescue


Just A Skinny Boy


Good Mental Health


Survivors United

Perfect Isn’t Everything

Keep Calm and Hold On

Psychology notes/Psychotherapy


Gaining is good

Sky Lark Blue

Please Smile Beautiful







List From Mentally-Ill-Strong-Will

List from Anatomy-of-Recovery

List from Psychology-Jokes

List of Body Positive Tumblrs

List of Substance Abuse Recovery Tumblrs





If you have finished Level 1 of TTMiK’s lessons, you should be able to understand what’s written and said here. If you have little experience, then it will be harder to use the video lectures and books in Korean. Other than that, you can begin your studies using the preliminaries.

I did the pretest and passed with a 72%!! Results can be seen here. The audio is really good and clear, and it’s quite word heavy and it may look intimidating, but don’t be afraid to give it a go if you’ve been studying Korean for a while.

Unfortunately, I cannot say with confidence that the coursework viewed in browser will be any helpful. I couldn’t open the “Adolescent/Adult” units (is it just me?) and the audio for the “Children” and “Infants” (which I could open) is really low-quality and distorted.

The E-Books are all in Korean unless choosing from “books in other languages” with “English” selected. From what I’ve viewed, the first book in all categories (excluding culture/history) have lessons on hangeul, along with writing practices which are printable! In fact, all these E-Books are printable!

I’ve only viewed the first video lecture, which was the basic Korean (introduction/greetings, what is this? where is that? Level 1 TMMiK lesson material). I would say it would be very useful for listening to Korean. The lady spoke slow and clearly, and I was able to understand most of what I’ve watched.
Another unfortunate thing, as I use Chrome and nothing more, the plugins used for the videos are not compatible with newer versions of Chrome 33 and over (if I remember correctly), nor is it compatible with Windows 8! I used Internet Explorer and had no problems at all viewing the videos. But you do have to log-in first, and you might get redirected to a page with a button, just click it, close the window, and re-open and you should begin watching the video.

ALSO, I couldn’t get the downloadable resources to work (or am I just dumb? I think I tried to download Adol/Adult Part 1…) so I can’t really say that they’re good as well.

This may not be the best, but it’s an option! My mission is to find multiple Korean study options, and hopefully you can find one that will suit you! If you’re curious, I try every thing I post about, so don’t expect a Rosetta Stone guide~ Wait… I did one about SharedTalk, that’s by R.S.

minecrass said:

hey was wondering if you could help me out with something. I have trouble writing without editing myself constantly and I remember seeing a website where you can't see what you've written until you hit a word count goal but I can't find it. Do you know of any sites like that? Thanks


You can only see one letter at a time until you reach your wordcount goal.