Helpful Japanese Learning sites

Recently i have come across two sites that help me with my Japanese :D

[for some reason, i cannot digest katakana so these sites have really helped me to recognize them :) !! ]

For me, memorization is the way to go when learning something new so if its the same for you, check out one of these sites ^_^


Hey guys! So I know Moleskin notebooks and Fineliners are great, but I know not everyone–including myself–can afford that. Here is a list of places where you can get inexpensive school supplies and still go out and get that A!

  • Walmart (where you can even shop by grade!)
  • Dollar Tree (everything is just $1!)
  • Dollar Days (where you or your school can buy in bulk!)
  • Discount School Supply (they have everything from pens to glue sticks and construction paper for pretty cheap!)
  • Passion for Savings (a great resources for price comparisons and coupons!)
  • Reliable (provides coupon codes and the “hot deals” of the day!)
  • School Pak (has clearance items and complete school packs and kits of school supplies!)

I hope this helps! Please feel free to add to this list!

Website Asks
  • Tumblr:Do you have a social life?
  • Instagram:Do you enjoy taking photos?
  • Facebook:Do you have a lot of friends?
  • Twitter:Do you talk a lot?
  • YouTube:Do you enjoy watching videos?
  • Sound Cloud:Do you make your own music?
  • MySpace:Do people use you?
  • Google:Are you smart?
  • Etsy:Are you creative?
  • eBay:Do you sell things?
  • Netflix:Do you like watching TV shows or movies?
  • Gmail:Do you talk to people often?
  • PayPal:Do you enjoy money?
Budoblr Resources

What great online resources do you guys use to supplement your own training? Of course there are mountains of books we could buy and months worth of videos on YouTube, but what websites, podcasts, ect. have really helped you in your own journey of discovery/ fun? Here are some of my favorite places to go.

  • – Well researched. Written with enthusiasm and humor. Home of the Karate Nerds.
  • Iain Abernethy - Iain has many useful articles/videos on his site, world-renowned for his bunkai. His podcasts are some of my favorite things to listen to.
  • Enter the Dojo - The #1 McDojo™ parody show - simply brilliant.
  • One Minute Bunkai – Got a minute? That’s all it takes for this bunkai brilliance to shine.
  • Blackbelt Wiki - A great “go-to” resource for just about anything related to the martial arts.
  • The IRKRS - McCarthy sensei is a demi-god in Karate research. Read. Learn.
  • Fighting Arts - A great collection of martial arts articles, including Karate.
  • Mario McKenna - Mario sensei has translated many rare historical Karate books.
  • Denshi Jisho - My go-to Japanese dictionary for, like, everything.
  • Charles C. Goodin - Goodin sensei shares his thoughts on Karate (and life).
  • The Way of Least Resistance - Many well-researched blog posts.
  • No Nonsense Self-Defense - Marc MacYoung spent many years researching violence.
  • Ikigai Way - Matt has a cool blog with some nice interviews too.

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I had to do this test for my Psychology class:

It’s actually pretty neat so I thought I’d share. (Apparently, my score on Compassion suggests that I’m neither overly concerned nor disinterested with the problems of others, limited to some individuals (perhaps friends and family) without extending to acquaintances or strangers, which is pretty accurate come to think of it. Does this make me a bad person?)

Jazz Jackrabbit Lives

Seventeen years sure is a long time to be an active fan of a shooty platformer starring a macho rabbit. But then millions of people still get excited about the ongoing adventures of floppy-spined blue hedgehogs and dumpy, child-faced plumbers – why should Jazz Jackrabbit be any different? The murderous green bunny, created by Epic long before they turned to Unrealses and Gearses, was last officially seen in 1998’s Jazz Jackrabbit 2, but has maintained enough of a community that long-running mod Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus is still updated to this day. They reckon it’s “the world’s premier 2D Arena Shooter”, donchaknow.
… [visit site to read more]

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tipispip asked:

Hi love! Do you know the math website where you simply put in the problem and it will work it for you and show the steps and answers?

Hi!                                                                                                                            I think you mean this website. It’s called Wolfram Alpha and here’s a post about it. xx

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Cute/Kawaii & Pop Culture Shops! {Masterpost}

hello, followers (or the very small amount that i have) and basically myself. i’m going to make a list of some websites that have some really super duper cute stuff on them. i was going to do it just for myself to remember, but i think some friends (rachel? evie? ((not sure if i should tag you guys or not, sorry!)) anyone?) would appreciate or find interest in it either way. so here goes, i’ll be adding it under the cut just so it’s not an annoyance to anyone! lastly, i really do apologise if this has already been done.

PS: i will continue to update this as i find more, and if you’d like me to add any, just send me a submission as asks don’t allow you to include links! 

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