The basics of making improvements to Your Search ranking

The basics of making improvements to Your Search ranking

Now that you just’ve built an excellent website, you’ll need people to be able to simply find and go to your site. A method to do this is to simply give them the address (like or to allow them to go there straight.

However, after all, that only works for these people to whom you could have a close enough connection to offer the…

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Commerzbank-Tochter: Kündigung für mutmaßliche Schwarzgeld-Konten

Etwa 400 Kunden, die Geld bei einer Luxemburger Commerzbank-Tochter geparkt hatten, müssen sich laut Recherchen von NDR, WDR und SZ eine neue Bank suchen. Weil der Verdacht besteht, dass es sich um Schwarzgeld handelt, wurde ihnen gekündigt. [mehr]

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Great news! You can now play Cards Against Humanity online for free!

With the incredible success of Cards Against Humanity, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the physical cards became digital, but with CAH Online, you’re not playing against random strangers on the internet— it works the same way as normal CAH, and you still have to be in the same room as the people you’re playing against, but instead of lugging your Bigger Blacker Box back and forth, you and your friends can use your desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet as your hand.

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I’ve found a website for people who don’t know what AP classes to take. You can enter what career you’re interested in and it will generate AP classes that are useful for that career path. I don’t know if people are aware of this, but thought it was worth sharing.

It’s part of the AP student website and can be found here.

Wot I Think: Etherium

Etherium [official site] is fast-paced and energetic but it won’t leave you suffering from a sugar crash. It can pack a punch but it doesn’t burn like a slug of bouron. Etherium is, in fact, like a glass of water. It’s not much to look at and while you’re drinking it, you might envy those whose refreshments have been invigorated by the addition of sugar, hops, caffeine or brewed leaves. You probably wouldn’t want to drink it all the time but you’d rarely turn a glass down – and sometimes it’s exactly what you need.

… [visit site to read more]

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It’s up- it’s happening!

So please reblog and share this with our friends because… is up and running! I made a website, it’s got news, a new blog, merch, and some videos! Please check it out and follow it and join the mailing list and leave a comment and all of the things! I’m super excited and will be updating it every chance I get!

Thank you so much for all the support along the way, I’m really excited about having a website to update!

here’s a list of pointless, interesting websites i found:

so… many…. corgis…

watch some gradients

practice some patience


control some 3d art


watch bacon sizzle

watch your browser melt (note: slight tw epilepsy)


republic of mangoes 

passive agressive password machine


press an on/off switch

don’t cut your wrists, cut your browser instead (note: tw blood suggestion)

ever wanted to drive down an empty highway at night?

play with your internets fingers

your cursor is on fire

play with jello

break your browser

flip to a new color

play with a web

play with clouds

unroll/roll toilet paper

open doors

Daten und Fakten zu syrischen Flüchtlingen

UN-Generalsekretär Ban spricht von der “schlimmsten humanitären Krise unserer Zeit”. Millionen Syrer haben ihr Zuhause wegen der Kämpfe verlassen. Wer nimmt die Flüchtlinge auf? Wie hilft Deutschland? Und wie viel Geld fehlt? Antworten von [mehr]

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So today in Anatomy and Physiology Class we began the chapter of the heart. Our teacher gave us an assignment to take a quiz in a website called Once I got into the website it had a lot of amazing and good resources, you can make your own quizzes, mind maps, flashcards, and notes. I made an account without hesitation because I knew that the website looked very reliable after looking around and searching their library. So I’d thought I’d share it with you guys. Even practice SAT and ACT Tests. I might start using this website for a lot of practice since I will be taking both the tests on June. 

Positives 089

1. Flew back to Adelaide this morning, and managed to rest up for a bit, before heading off to deal with some general things. Got my new credit card activated and updated a bunch of my subscriptions. Saw mum for a little while when I stopped by home, which was nice.
- Flying around so much makes me really appreciate the time I have at home.

2. Went to the gym for shoulders and triceps, even though I was exhausted from the travel. Felt good to get through my session though.
- Keeping myself strict and on my program even around my travel schedule.

3. Got more progress reports from my developers, and things are moving forwards reasonably well. Started investigating more options for domains as well.
- Having this on the go thanks to the time I put in beforehand.