Thank You

Hello everyone!

First of all we would like to say that this whole experience - making Nothing Much To Do, seeing people’s reactions to the webseries, and your enthusiasm towards the Lovely Little Losers Kickstarter, has been amazing.

Secondly, um, whaaaaaat?????!!! $22,826. Honestly. This is surreal. How did this happen? Is this real life?

Sixth and lastly, we are incredibly excited to make LLL. Everyone in the team is as amped as we are to bring you a kickass webseries, and to make you those stretch goals!

On the topic of which; while we will do our best to bring you a couple of the stretch goals before February 2015, we will not be able to really give them the time and love they deserve until after we have wrapped filming for ‘LLL’. Just think of them as the awesome things to look forward to in the wait before ‘Lovely Little Losers’ begins (mid 2015, most likely July).

We want to say thank you again for all the support you have shown for our webseries. The fact that there are people who are as passionate about our projects as we are is beyond belief. We are truly humbled and grateful for everything you guys do; from commenting to fanfiction, from analysis to song covers, from doodles to candle making! Seeing people creatively inspired by the things we have done is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We will keep you updated on all the happenings in The Candle Waster world from now until the release of LLL! Not to mention The Candle Wicks, who will be keeping you all informed when we’re too busy, and just bringing you general awesome things from their adventures on the LLL set.

Much love,

Claris, Elsie, Minnie, and Sally.

I love webseries because they’re so manageable.
Got work to do? A 7 minute ep isn’t going to hurt.
Need to sleep? No staying up for an entire hour long filler ep.
Can’t find a decent website to steam off? No worries man, it’s on YouTube so everyone can watch at the same time


Personal space? What personal space?
aka I don’t even know how to caption this it was too beautiful [x]


Tahmoh Penikett on the set of Riftworld Chronicles.


In which Andrew explains that he misread (and misses red) [x]

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Atop the Fourth Wall: SPECIAL: Channel Trailer

Want to know what Atop the Fourth Wall? Well now you can in under 3 minutes! -Miss


Classic Alice I Living life one book at a time

Reasons to watch: Wonderful scripts, interesting storylines, realistic characters - you’ll want to hug them all the time, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, if you’ve ever loved a book (any book) with all your soul you’ll adore and relate to Alice’s love of literature, college feels, celebration of pie, Cara - everything about Cara, Macbeth reenactments using hand puppets, FEMALE FRIENDSHIP, the entire wardrobe is made of plaid, and who doesn’t want to live their life according to classic literature? I think the fact that Alice is doubly named after Alice in Wonderland tells you just how delightful and magical this show is. Also, history majors doubling as witches, transmedia that is OUT OF THIS WORLD, Andrew without his shirt (I was led to believe this was necessary in all CA promotions?), characters who are more than just their stereotype or label, Alice has a Paddington Bear on her bed - I mean come on that’s adorable, Andrew gazing at Alice like she hung the freakin’ moon, and DID I MENTION REALLY WONDERFUL DIALOGUE AND STORYLINES AND CHARACTERS AND ALL THE LITERATURE FEELS? [watch and subscribe here] [you know you want to]

Hoy vengo a hablarles de Carmilla lesbicanarias, la última serie lésbica que me tiene totalmente enganchada. La verdad es que hace tiempo que la sigo y no, no me la guardaba para mí de manera egoísta, estaba esperando a poder mostrárselas en español. Pero ahora que por fin puedo hacerlo estoy contentísima de poderles presentar a Carmilla.