So a few days ago, I made a reference about iharthdarth to a friend of mine who’s a really big Star Wars fan. Much to my consternation, he admitted he’d never heard of it. And when I went to go complain about it to somebody else, they revealed they had never read it either! Thus, heartbroken, I turned to tumblr to rectify the situation. The comics above are just a few of my favorites.

You can read the first one here. Go. Go now. What are you waiting for. 

I hate to do this, believe me I do, and I wouldn’t do it unless it was absolutely necessary, but I’m putting Alice and the Nightmare on hiatus because of school and story reworking. Not only that but there’s also Valor work, packing and moving for school, and recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. It’s been a really crazy month. 

No, Alice isn’t going to be on hiatus forever, this story is super important to me and a big part of my life and there’s no way I would give it up. It’ll be for a few months, I’ll try to make it as quick as possible, and Alice will come back even more awesome than ever, please believe that. In the meantime, you should totally check out the awesome webcomics Namesake and Blindsprings, which are both beautiful and worth the read!! AND Valor is at 70k which is phenomenal, so please continue to support this awesome project! 

Thank you for being understanding, see you when the hiatus is over!

Summer Reruns Return, By Crom!

And I’m bringing FanExpo details with me!

Weald Comics will be tabling beside neomonki, at table A287 in the Artist’s Alley at FanExpo, which runs from August 28-31 in downtown Toronto. I’ll also be speaking on a panel about my other art practice, illustrating tabletop rpgs. That’s Saturday at 1:45pm, in room 705 - it’s called Blood Spray and Speed Lines - The Life of a Gaming Illustrator and I’ll be sharing the mic with other talented artists in that field.

You can see the convention hall map here (pdf!) and the panel schedule here (pdf again!).

I’m putting together a great big pile of stuff to bring for you all to snag - stickers, originals, prints, mugs, totes, tshirts, as well as both By Crom! collections, the first Weald double issue, and some illustrated fiction from Stone Skin Press.  Come on by and chat with me and Noreen while we nerd out for four days straight!


Not in Toronto but want more cromulent advice? Read all of By Crom! on Weald Comics! 

Want a copy of this comic for yourself? My BigCartel store has you covered! You can find books, stickers, original comics and more there! And if shipping things isn’t your bag, you can fill your computer or tablet of choice with cromulent PDFs from my Gumroad. For prints (and more) of By Crom!, search for “cromic” on Society 6.

Just like their paper-printed counterparts, they come in all shapes and sizes, from crime-busting heroes, harrowing serializations and subdued slice-of-life narratives.

Hey guys, my webcomic, Jason and the Princes of the Universe, was actually featured in this article.  I can’t tell you what it means to see my webcomic, which is still just a baby in webcomic years, to be referred to as “Keeping you glued to your screen.”

Thank you all for the support thus far, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.  New page tomorrow!

“Mama could bring the whole sky down,” Jackson says, grinning despite herself.  “Ain’t no way I’ll ever be that strong.”  But she stares down into her empty cup, her mind wheeling, her scalp going prickle-prickle.  There’s a heat behind her eyes too tight for tears, and when she opens her mouth to speak, thunder rolls outside, low and lingering, a distant drum.

Sister Claire has updated! Read it here!



For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working on a webcomic for about a year now called SPLIT. We’ve just finished chapter 2 and we’re also planning on selling our first issue at the SacAnime convention next week!

Since I only do the art, I can say that I’m also a huge fan of this series (otherwise i wouldn’t agree to make it) and KAI (the writer) and I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you guys took a look at our story so far since we both have been working so hard in making our dreams come true! \(;A;\) We hope you guys like it~

Here’s the summary (written by KAI)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life

Sakuya Mori has Dissociative Identity Disorder. An uncommon and extremely rare mental illness that is better known as a “split” personality. Though his “other” self has been hibernating for the better part of his life, the overwhelming stress and tiring cycle of his work has caused his “counterpart” to reemerge after 20 years of inactivity. On the flip side, Haruka Mori began her life almost 20 years ago, but it only lasted for about 6 months. Since then she’s been quietly sitting in the mind of her originator, Sakuya. Now she’s up, active and dying to incorporate herself into Sakuya’s life, with or without his compliance. They might look and sound the same, but don’t let that fool you. Sakuya, our hero, is no nonsense; work all day, work all night, introvert. Haruka, our heroine, has no business for worrying. She’s a free spirit that knows what she wants and how to get it. How will our two protagonists collaborate in a world where they must share one body? However, before that question is answered there is another pressing issue which must be addressed. Sakuya doesn’t even know Haruka exists.

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