Just a few of the new prizes you can get for backing Dead Meat during its final 24 hours!

Original Billy & Mandy artwork!  Underfist shirts!  Model cars!  Billy & Mandy pillow and posters!  Be an extra in Dead Meat!  

The Billy & Mandy goodies include shipping as soon as the Kickstarter ends, so you can get ‘em in time for the holidays.

Big thanks to everyone who’s backed Dead Meat already.  I’ve gotten hundreds of new followers on Tumblr in the last few weeks due to the Kickstarter, so if you Billy & Mandy fans haven’t checked out the page in a while, now’s the time!

Pass the word along and be a part of Dead Meat!



Maxwell Atoms, the creator of Billy & Mandy has a Kickstarter up to help fund his new webseries, Dead Meat! There’s only 48 hours left to help fund this project.

I’ve stressed on here before the importance of backing creator owned shows and independent films - and this is a project you don’t want to miss out on being able to support.

The industry is changing, and this is where it’s at. I know a lot of people who follow this blog are animation students, and artists themselves and you might all end up finding yourselves in this same spot; I know I will! We’re all very creative people, and the Hollywood system necessarily isn’t. And when studios aren’t willing to take a chance on our creative abilities and ideas - we’ll have to go through other routes to get things made.

Kickstarter is a wonderful platform, and when guys like Maxwell Atoms come along and need help raising funds to get a project like Dead Meat off the ground, you better believe I’m gonna do what I can to help out.

There’s only two days left for the Dead Meat Kickstarter to raise almost $17,000. I feel like a Televangelist asking for money, but if everyone who follows this blog gave $2.00, the project would be funded. And at least we know that Maxwell Atoms won’t run away with the money and build a giant mansion in Texas. Instead, we’ll get a quality-bad ass web series with puppets and violence, who doesn’t want that??

Head on over to Kickstarter to find out more on Dead Meat.

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Cartoon Hangover presents “Our New Electrical Morals”
Douglas and Business Cat must forestall bankruptcy when a dumb baby comes bouncing into their lives, ringing in a new age of economic failure. In this timeless tale, Douglas and Business Cat must use friendship to battle capitalistic idealism and existential angst in order to save their business and the baby from a rough life on the rails.

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When’s the next episode?!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Announcing the first half of Bravest Warriors Season 2 episode release dates. Can I get a “aw yeah, Wankershim!” ?

  • RoboChris - October 31st (with guest writer, Ryan North)
  • Mexican Touchdown - November 14th
  • Hamster Priest - December 5th
  • Jelly Kid Forever - December 19th

If you haven’t seen the premiere episode of Season 2, watch the episode right now on Cartoon Hangover