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What an otterly delightful surprise! Our guests and staff enjoyed a visit from a wild sea otter who spent some time napping and grooming in our Great Tide Pool yesterday. Staffer Emily Simpson grabbed these candids of the male otter. 

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Did you hear the good news? Last week we welcomed two new chicks to our African blackfooted penguin exhibit!

Chick One hatched on May 7 to parents Karoo and Messina. Chick Two hatched the following day, on May 8, and is in a nest with experienced surrogate parents Boulders and Walvis. (Bee and Geyser are the biological parents, but are inexperienced raising chicks.)

When they hatched, both weighed about two ounces, and each has grown to over seven ounces. Regular check-ups help us keep tabs on the health of these fragile chicks.

These little fluff balls stay with their parents for about three weeks or until they start leaving their nests–then we’ll move the families behind the scenes for the chicks’ safety. We will eventually name them and return the families to our exhibit, or may transfer one or both of the chicks to other accredited zoos or aquariums as part the Species Survival Plan for this threatened species.

Watch the video of their first check-up

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