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This past week, during MLK 2014, a group of people and collectives got together to clean up and restore an abandoned park and community center located in the injunction zone. We can’t help to wonder how the city justifies thousands of dollars spent on writing up an injunction but avoids to invest on community spaces in ‘high-risk’ areas. This space used to be called Spiraling Orchard and has been re-named Park of Peace (Parque de Paz) in honor to the work people are doing to create peace treaties in the neighborhood. The day started when danzantes opened the ceremony/clean-up-day. Throughout the day many people came by and donated their time, skills and resources. Everybody showed up, whole families including abuelitas, tias, mamas, grandchildren, boyscouts, school teachers, etc. The corner store right in front donated juice and water, the pasteleria around the corner donated food, a neighbor donated water for us to start the new garden, people donated tools, somebody brought lunch for the kids participating, Chente (the main organizer) brought bikes for the kids helping out- we took care of each other. Many of the people that showed up had been part of the community events and resources that the center offered when it was opened. Senora Celia and her two grandchildren expressed their excitement to have the space open again, they want a peaceful space to grow plants and do homework. We envision Parque de Paz as a space that is created by the neighborhood people for the neighborhood people.

Injunctions are not solutions! We want REAL solution. 

While the role of the injunction is to destroy, displace and incarcerate community, our role as community members is to cultivate spaces that foment love and understanding by creating, growing and cultivating together.

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"JANINA: Weaving the Future through Art" Trailer :30

Trailer for a documentary made for the Janine Monkute-Marks Museum in Kedainiai, Lithuania. A CERISE films production.

Cast: CERISE films

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Station Eleven

I know many of us have always heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, thank the book gods above that I judged Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven by its cover. When we got the book in the store, the cover of the book captivated me. I picked it up, read the inside of the dust jacket and thought, “I don’t think I would like this book, so I’ll just let others read it and tell me about it.” However, the rest of the day I longingly looked at the cover and finally broke down and got it. I am so glad that I did.

Station Eleven captivated me from the moment I read the first paragraph. The story takes place in the present, the past, and in a post-apocalyptic future, weaving stories together that are seemingly random. However, the more you read, the more you realize that the random stories and characters are not random at all; they are all linked by a tragic character. I don’t want to give the plot away, nor do I want to write a book report. I do want to tell you that the connections in the book are profound and that Emily Mandel has hit a home run with this novel.

Her writing is impeccable, and even though I sometimes got annoyed with paragraphs without much punctuation or complete thoughts, I was engaged and enamored with her prose. Station Eleven immediately grabbed my attention and did not let it go (this is saying a lot for someone who is A.D.D. to the core.) The main reason that Station Eleven captivated me was the fact that Mandel painted a clear and vivid picture of her characters and their settings. I found myself sitting in the audience, as she painted a picture of the main character playing King Lear in a Toronto theatre. I also found myself among survivors of the post-apocalyptic plague as they sat in their tent cities; or as they traveled along the road playing their instruments.

Also, I thought the way the story was written in a non-linear timeline, moving back and forth through space and time, was brilliant! I’ll be honest: in reading the reviews, I figured I would have a hard time with this in-and-out of time movement, however it’s what kept me engaged.

Station Eleven is one of those books that grabs you in the beginning, and it gets better and better. I was waiting for a letdown; and yet, it never came. It was truly a page-turner and I would recommend it to anyone who loves literature that is graceful yet sometimes unnerving. It is truly a novel that is brilliant, driven, original, and breathtaking!

//EDIT// Station Eleven was just longlisted for the National Book Award! We still have a few signed first editions left, come get yours today!

Written by Justin 

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Sonho Dourado- Golden Dream

These dreams that I see
Is nothing but glimpses of you and me
Some consists
Us walking hand in hand
Together on a beach

Some are just plain talking
Building memories
By plucking some from past
And weaving some for future

After work when I get home
The random talks and conversations
That I get to do with you
I look forward to them everyday

You tell me your story
And I listen
I tell you mine

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Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sri Lanka Weave a New Future in Garments

… the national economies in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Amid major … the book Made in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, which examines … more than 30 years.
Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sri Lanka Weave a … these stronger coalitions.
STEVENSON:  Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka – do the nations …

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MLK to Nichelle Nichols on Uhura:

While we’re out there marching and having hoses turned on us and dogs jumping on us, there is a TV show that says ‘we don’t stop here. We go on.’ And there is a woman on that show who looks just like us. We are there. That’s what you represent. And the manner in which you have created this character tells us this is worth it.