Feeling the liberation love alla the way across the Pacific! Signal boost from Echo Park fam:

This past week, during MLK 2014, a group of people and collectives got together to clean up and restore an abandoned park and community center located in the injunction zone. We can’t help to wonder how the city justifies thousands of dollars spent on writing up an injunction but avoids to invest on community spaces in ‘high-risk’ areas. This space used to be called Spiraling Orchard and has been re-named Park of Peace (Parque de Paz) in honor to the work people are doing to create peace treaties in the neighborhood. The day started when danzantes opened the ceremony/clean-up-day. Throughout the day many people came by and donated their time, skills and resources. Everybody showed up, whole families including abuelitas, tias, mamas, grandchildren, boyscouts, school teachers, etc. The corner store right in front donated juice and water, the pasteleria around the corner donated food, a neighbor donated water for us to start the new garden, people donated tools, somebody brought lunch for the kids participating, Chente (the main organizer) brought bikes for the kids helping out- we took care of each other. Many of the people that showed up had been part of the community events and resources that the center offered when it was opened. Senora Celia and her two grandchildren expressed their excitement to have the space open again, they want a peaceful space to grow plants and do homework. We envision Parque de Paz as a space that is created by the neighborhood people for the neighborhood people.

Injunctions are not solutions! We want REAL solution. 

While the role of the injunction is to destroy, displace and incarcerate community, our role as community members is to cultivate spaces that foment love and understanding by creating, growing and cultivating together.

Trade Show Bid

This week, our task is to imagine that we are fashion designers for a large company, persuading our employers that we should be able to visit a trade show of our choice. I worked alongside Hayley Greaves, Katie Griffiths and Jamie Holmes. Together we chose to research the Indigo show in New York.

To whom it may concern,

This is a letter concerning the Indigo show in New York. The next show is on January 13-14th, 2015.

We believe that by visiting this show, our team will gain inspiration for future collections, discover new fashion trends and be able to promote our business.

The Indigo show is one of the most important and influential in terms of the North American textile design market, bringing together over 125 exhibitors including international design studios, trend setters and those who work in the printing, knitting, weave, embroidery and future materials industries.

2,500 people visit the show each season to prepare their collections and gain inspiration for new designs, patterns and products and we hope to do the same.

Flight and Accommodation Costs to Visit New York…

To get to New York, we would be able to purchase a £508 [1]flight return from Manchester to Dublin and with a joining flight from Dublin to JFK. We would also be able to gain three nights of accommodation for just £104.22 in Manhattan, New York at New York Budget Inn[2], meaning that the total cost per person for this trip would be just £612.22 per person. For all four members of the team, the cost would be £2448.88, excluding living costs. Although this is a substantial amount of money, we believe that with our profit margins being in such good shape, that these expenses will be well worth it. Furthermore, the information, connections and inspiration that we gain will be invaluable.

Trade Show Ticket Costs…

Unfortunately the tickets to this show have not yet been released, and therefore we do not know their cost. However, it is our in our firm belief that any expenditure will be well worth it for our company, as we will gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

Travelling To the Venue…

The venue is located in 711 12th Avenue, at 55th Street, New York, NY. The show is easily accessible using the subway, bus or a taxi. One option would be to go from N, Q, R to 57st-7Av station and then get the M31 bus to the show, or subway A, C, E, 1, 2 to 50st and then the M50 bus.

If we were to rent a car, there is on-site parking available at Pier 92, with 900 parking spaces available for cars. Open rooftop parking at Pier 92 is $35 for 10 hours or $40 for 24 hours.

Why Is It Important To Go To Trade Shows?

Attending trade shows with your business is essential for promoting new designs and to promote new ideas. Being face to face with the consumer at the trade show can encourage them to buy or invest in the products, as they get the opportunity to feel and look at the fabrics closely. This gives us the opportunity to check out the competition, and see where we stand on the market, thus making market research opportunities. A big part of visiting trade shows is to get media attention so we can get our trend into the industry thus creating our own mark in the market.

Are There Any Key Speakers?

There are also many guest lectures that our team would be able to visit on this trip, such as Giusy Bettoni, C.L.A.S.S. Bettoni has over thirty years of fashion and textiles knowledge to pass on and has experience with raw materials, manufacturing and development. Bettoni set up her own agency in 1993 to develop the synergies between market development and communication. It is undeniable that she has plenty of invaluable knowledge that we could pick up on if we visited her lectures. She is also well known for her strategic business advice, which would help us as a company, and she also can help out team with branding and product planning skills.

At 10:00 AM, there is a seminar by Sabine Le Chatelier from PREMIÈRE VISION. This is a new seminar that focuses on the main trends and directions for Fall/Winter 15/16, exclusively targeting colour and how moods are evolving and zeroing in on exclusive colour combinations. There is also a specific and complimentary downloadable memo recapping the presentation, which will allow our company to refer back to information in the future.

Is There a Trend Hall?

All of the stalls and exhibitions at this show are innovative and potentially trend setting, following and inspiring new themes that will soon sweep across the nation. Be it motifs, shapes or colourways, our team will be able to find new information and seek inspiration. Indigo also offer an online trend service with information on current trends to look out for at their shows.

For example, there is currently trend forecasting for the Winter Glasshouse trend. “Winter Glasshouse In the darkest depths of the garden, delicate florals survive the harsh chill of Winter in the safety of an icy glasshouse. These organic inspirations feel darker and more atmospheric than those typically seen in summer, decorating styles with moody watercolour patterns and fragile textures.”[3]

Are There Any Other Local Events or Additional Benefits That Could Be Gained From Visiting The Area?

New York has a lot to offer our company, be it high-street trend research or visual merchandising research. Furthermore, there are other textiles shows available at the same time as the Indigo show. For example, there is the Retails Big Show on the 11th to 14th of January at the Jacob K. Javits convention centre. This event occurs annually and is a perfect opportunity to gain inspiration, as their audience is the trade show public.

Another show which we could visit is Texworld, also at the Jacob K. Javits convention centre, which occurs twice annually and is also aimed at other businesses as well as the general public.

This trade show is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we hope that our bid will be successful. The inspiration that we will gain will be invaluable and useful for years to come, ensuring that we are on trend and in the know in terms of fashion and material trends.

[1] http://www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/man/nyca/150112/150114/airfares-from-manchester-to-new-york-in-january-2015.html?rtn=1

[2] http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/New-York-Budget-Inn/New-York/59887?dateFrom=2015-01-12&dateTo=2015-01-14

[3] http://www.indigo-salon.com/newyork/Fashion-trends/Trends-overview/Trend-Stop

It’s not wrong to want it, but there’s a fine line in there, and I feel I’ve crossed it a few times these last months, and moved over into that terrible territory where you can’t be happy unless you have just that thing you want, no matter what else you have. Speaking of children, that’s how they are - demanding, myopic, only able to focus on what they need in that moment. That’s not how I want to live. That’s not who I want to be.
I want to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, of groundedness, of enough, even while I’m longing for something more. The longing and the gratitude, both. I’m practicing believing that God knows more than I know, that He sees what I can’t, and that He’s weaving a future I can’t even imagine from where I sit this morning.
Extraordinary, indeed.
More than enough.
—  Shauna Niequist, Bread and Wine
Yarn Cards!

During our last few workshops, I have been collecting strands of yarns that catch my eye, and that I have been using within my weaves for future reference.

In order to keep these yarns tidy, and to experiment with different colour ways, I have created yarn cards, which allow you to try-out different colour palettes, patterns and materials.

These cards are a great source of inspiration which could be used to inspire a new weave, a piece of art, or to help you decide what warp and weft threads to use within your pieces.

Below are the cards that I have made. Some are restrained and precise, whereas others have a more random style, with bright, mismatched colours and safety pins to add interest. They are fun and quick to create, so if ever you are stuck for inspiration, give these a go!











Sonic Ritual 005 comes from our brother-in-doom & chieftain of the Freshmore/Oracles Records clan, SINES from Houston, TX. His bass heavy sounds have found a home with forward thinking labels like B.YRSLF DIVISION, Filthy Fortune, Car Crash Set, Trouble & Bass from NYC, Diamante Records and many more. His latest project, Santa Muerte is quickly turning heads and undoubtedly destined for legend status. In this sermon for The DoomCult, Sines delivers a spellbinding mixture of future club weaved with tribal inflections of grime and ritual archaic syncopation. A perfect way to set the mood for October.

Follow him here:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sines-1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sinesofthefuture
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Freshmore_tx

Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf & Kelela- (Georgia Girls Chopped w_ Go All Night Acapella)
Glot-Phantom Tager
Tunnidge-Tribe (Copout Retool)
Logos/Jay Boogie-Speed x Seawolf (Joey LaBeija Edit)
Mike G - Pool Tool (SPF666 Dub Destruction Mix)
Dot Rotten - Speaking Rude (Chemist Mix)
Rabit-9999 Cunt
Astronomar-Gargoile (Massacooramaan Remix)
Mickey Pierce-Instructions
YNGN-Below Ground VIP
Total Freedom-ENEMYGOTIT
Dark0- Black Rose
Chemist-Blocks (LastJapans Still_Kold_Remix)
Moleskin-Slow Dancing with Ms Haversham to Moments in Love in Satis House


MLK to Nichelle Nichols on Uhura:

While we’re out there marching and having hoses turned on us and dogs jumping on us, there is a TV show that says ‘we don’t stop here. We go on.’ And there is a woman on that show who looks just like us. We are there. That’s what you represent. And the manner in which you have created this character tells us this is worth it.

The term, Nepantla is a Nahuatl (Aztec language) term connoting in between or a reference to the space of the middle. A number of contemporary scholars, writers, poets and artists have elaborated upon this concept, enhancing and/or adding on to the Nahua concept. (See Gloria Anzaldua, Pat Mora, Yreina Cervantez, Miguel Leon Portilla).

Most often the term is referencing endangered peoples, cultures, and/or gender, who due to invasion/conquest/marginalization or forced acculturation, engage in resistance strategies of survival. In this sense, this larger, cultural space of Nepantla becomes a postmodern paradigm or consciousness rooted in the creation of a new middle. Anzaldua calls this La Nueva Mestizaje, the intent of which is to heal from the open wound of colonial occupation. Sometimes, it is a reference to living in the borderlands or crossroads, and the process of creating alternative spaces in which to live, function or create. In other words, it is the process of developing political, cultural or psychological consciousness as a means of survival. For populations impacted by the historical trauma of colonialism and what some have termed spiritual conquest, one strategy of cultural survival, or decolonization is the process of transculturation, which in many ways is resisting the mainstream, while, reinterpreting and redefining cultural difference as a place of power.


Anita x Shadia…..