Weatherlock Teapot ~~ So close to being done!

Mycroft is floating down to join Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson during tea, and Sherlock and John are using cloud puffs to escape Moriarty ^^

[ yes, we drink soda, tea, and coffee while we paint… we’ve only spilled on a piece once! I swear!! (⊙ヮ⊙) ]


The Teapot is done being painted (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


phew, and now all that’s left is the firing. i am so excited!

our first tea set finished *sigh*

next up, 221B baker street set (finishing it actually, since it has been on the backburner) and we are going to do a Hobbit teaset with our large teapot and latte cups :) <- this set will include smaug on the teapot and scenes from the story on each cup/saucer set! we are freakin excited about it, though we get excited about a lot of things, so…

anyway, this will be fired on friday along with the DS9 latte cup/saucer and a few other adventure time sets. we will be posting updates on those soon ^^


Working on the Weatherlock Set! As you can see, we haven’t quite decided on how to design the teapot… we still have 1 or 2 ideas to try out ^^

If you have any ideas let us know! A little brainstorming never hurts~ Maybe you’ll inspire us? OvO

Anyway, the cups are Lestrade (a windy day) and Sherlock ( a lightning storm). I must confess I’ve been looking forward to Sherlock’s cup the most out of this set!!!