Not Too Bad - George Weasley (Requested)

Request: Could I have an imagine where George and I are dating and I get a not-too-serious cut (doesn’t need the nurse or medical attention) while playing quidditch and later George wraps the cut for me when we are alone? Could it also be a little fluffy and have a kiss somewhere in it? Thank you so, so much, I absolutely love your writing!!!

Silence fell around the hospital wing, like a sudden death. George Weasley carefully unraveled the gauze, wrapping it lovingly around his girlfriends blood damped arm. A cut starting from her elbow and ending about 4 inches below had occurred during her quidditch practice only an hour or so before. Despite it not being a live or death accident, George rushed her straight to Madam Pomfrey, expecting the absolute worst.
The room was mostly unoccupied besides the two. George bickered left and right, threatening to “kill” the player who caused harm upon her, though she couldn’t quite remember who gave you the injury.
“I swear to Merlin if he comes near you again-“
“George I’m sure it was an accident. Things like this happen all the time and I don’t think Oliver would like it too much if we were down another player.” (Y/n) pointed out, snickering at her highly over protective boyfriend. George rolled his eyes taking the open seat at the foot of the stiff make do bed.
“Whatever, I don’t care. Either way he’s gonna hear from me, I can bet ya that much!” His voice laced with rage. (Y/n) leaned forward grabbing his hand and rubbing it soothingly.
(Y/n) scoffed sitting up straight so she could get a better look at the ginger. His features were wedged into one of annoyance and anger.
Taking the chance the possible clam him down, (Y/n) lunged forward connecting their lips in a passionate matter. It took George a few seconds to register what was going on before he started kissing her, full on back.
Pulling away, the couple rested their foreheads against each other’s.
“See I’m perfectly fine.” She joked placing one last quick peck to his lips. George chuckled,
“That you are, my love.”

Sorry I wrote this on my phone but I hope you like it! P.S. Request are CLOSED!

okay but imagine at Fred’s funeral George and Mrs. Weasley are standing together by his coffin

and George is trying so hard not to cry

and in a last-ditch attempt to cope with it in the only way he knows how, using humor, he turns to Mrs. Weasley and says, “you’ll be able to tell us apart now, anyway, Mum”

and then he just breaks down sobbing