Ivy & Edd || New Girl.

Ivy looked down at her schedule, locker number 213. She looked around until she found it. She was now in a rush, class would be starting soon. She sighed and put away the books she wouldn’t need until after lunch. She hated being the new girl. Books in hand she closed her locked an looked down at her schedule. She had math first period. As she began to look for her class some guys bumped into her, causing her to drop her books. she sighed and began to collect them, she could tell it would be a rough first day.

Nat coughed in his hand, the blush increasing. “I should be the one that needs to apologise, I steped out of line” he said.

Edd realized the situation he had fallen into. “Rightly so. I antagonized the reaction from you.” He said reaching over to pick up his fallen bar of soap. “Drats, now even the soap has been sullied.”

Natchuckled at the other antics. “You’re so funny” he snickered. He reached over, snatching the bar of soap from Double D grasped.

Edd looked slightly confused. “I don’t see how I’ve made this a comical atmosphere Nathan." 

(Closed Rp with wearethenats)

Edd was tired. He was always tired lately and his mood had been foul. There was always something about his time of year, during the cold, and the winter that screwed with his mood. He wasn’t really sure why. Maybe it was the holidays, he wasn’t sure. Though, most people were on egg shells around him for the most part. He didn’t mind this, though.

He was fine being alone for the most part, and even if he wasn’t he’d never admit to it. That wasn’t who he was. The swimmer rested his head against his locker and groaned. He needed to swim, regardless if the water was cold. He was sure that would help.

Lottie finished moving the last of the boxes from her little car into the house she had just bought. It wasn’t the biggest or most glamorous, but it  was her first house.

She sat down in the grass to admire her accomplishment, taking a moment to fix the hairclip that held the front of her mohawk out of her eyes.

A Snowy night (Closed Rp with wearethenats)

It had been almost a year since Nat and Edd had been dating. It had been hard, but they’d managed to keep it to themselves for this long. It had been fairly easy for Edd as he really wasn’t much for public displays of affection, but he did wonder how Nat had felt about it. While the swimmer didn’t have much to lose if people found the two of them out, Nathan would. Namely his best friend. He sighed, and shook his head. It was easier not to think about.

Edd looked outside and saw the snow starting to fall. Christmas was coming up, and he’d been enjoying the break. Even if around this time, his mood was not the most upbeat. He’d been enjoying even more the fact that it was easier to spend time with his boyfriend without having to be secretive about it. At least in the comfort of each other’s homes and bedrooms. Being with the other seemed to make him the happiest he’d been in a long time.

Another arduous day at school for Rave. Too many stupid people trying to get him to converse with them. It was a battle they were meant to lose, and they knew it so they gave up. Though there was always one that never gave up, no matter how many times he’s tried. Nat. The name it’s self put Rave into an entirely different mood. One he wasn’t quite sure he liked,  nor one that he wasn’t entirely sure he hated. Either way he needed to stay away from him. Though that seemed pretty hard when he intended on following him around. “Fuck off, Goldberg.” He said as he walked.