don’tcha hate how in so many movies when a weapon is fired there’s almost never any recoil? no kickback? yeah I understand that you are super macho and whatever but you’re going to move a little yfm


The U.S. Harpers Ferry Model 1805 flintlock pistol,

Manufactured at the Harper’s Ferry Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, the Model 1805 was the first American flintlock pistol to be manufactured at a national arsenal.  The Model 1805 was a smoothbore flintlock pistol, although a small number of rifled models are known to exist.  It was a simple pistol that was conventional for its time, with a 10 inch barrel, a curved rounded handle, and chambered for .54 caliber roundball.

The Model 1805 was reserved and issued to officers only.  They were issued in a pair set, or brace, with both pistols bearing the same serial number.  Between 1805 and 1808, 4,096 Model 1805 pistols were manufactured.  Since they were issued in pairs with matching serial numbers, the highest serial number possible would be 2,048.  Today only a few hundred are known to still exist. 


Images from Afghanistan show soldiers from 5th Battalion The Rifles (5 RIFLES) on the ground. They use the sights on their weapons to view movements at long range and in very clear detail without the risk of mistaking intent when viewed at distance with the naked eye. 

5 RIFLES soldiers use a rare patch of vegetation to shelter themselves from view as they rest during a patrol in Afghanistan. The rest is only brief and the troops will soon be back on their feet as they continue the patrol and complete their mission.

Photographer: Cpl Daniel Wiepen; Crown Copyright.

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