LAR Grizzly

The Mark V was the last generation model of what is essentially a beefed up 1911. Although a majority of the Grizzly pistols are chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum, they were available in .45 ACP, 10mm, .44 Magnum and 50 AE. The latter being the most expensive of the caliber options due to their general rarity. On average a LAR Grizzly Mark V in 50 AE will almost always hit the $2,000+ price range. (GRH)


Rohm RG23

Contrary to the belief that German guns are made of quality materials to exacting standards, the firearms made by Rohm are generally considered unsafe, made of poor materials and hold little value. In fact some gun value books specifically say Rohm revolvers are worthless and carry no cash value. The RG23 is chambered in .22 LR with a capacity of 6 rounds. (GRH)


So here you have some of The Last Story characters drawn by yours truly. Oh gosh, these are so ancient. :D 

I’ve also done 3 versions of Mirania during the last 2 years but all are either too old by now to finish, or just doomed to fail from the start. One of these days I’ll finish a painting of her, and also redraw these pieces!

These can also be seen in my Deviantart-gallery.