A misterious katana from unknown source, none knows who made it, but what everyone knows is that it drains the life of the one who dares to weild it.

So I came up with a design of Winged weapon for TDB (Shown bellow)

It looks like a normal Masamune, but works very diferent. It drains the life of those who weild it, by using their blood as power, but those who can control it, can unleash the fearsome power that it’s within. Once they did it, A rose appears from the thorns (EX mode), making the steel glow in a dark and the handgrip red.

Legends tell that contains all those souls of the people who ended up being consumed by the sword, no less, it can take yours aswell. The red glow on the handgrip it’s the link between the wilder, and the sword itself. Those who make it glow red, are the choosen ones for it.