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Do you watch Joel [Vinesauce] or Ashens? Joel plays a load of bootleg games and stuff and Ashens usually reviews a load of bootleg crap from poundland. If not you should, they're both really funny omfg.

My boyfriend and I are actually huge fans of both! We’ve been watching Ashens for about three years now, and we actually have a box of crap in our storeroom we call the “Ashen box” of shit we plan to send him once it gets full. This one is my personal fave Ashens video.

We’re fairly new to Joel, only been watching him for a few months now, but we thoroughly enjoy his stuff as well. We run around the house sometimes just yelling “GRAND DAD? GRAND DAD.” at each other. (BTW if you didn’t know, Joel’s here on Tumblr as vargskelethor)


Last ones from Monday’s playtime with my friend to fufill Dros fantasy. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Thank you to Dro (love you baby) and this sweet stud. ~Lynn ♡

Trends That Need to End #9: Cliche Summaries

What, two Trends series posts in one weekend?  Consider this making up for that brief hiatus while I was finishing my senior thesis paper.

Now then, let me tell you a little bit about some of the weekend activities of Roselin Productions for context.  We, like many in the writing industry, love books.  We thoroughly enjoy reading.  As such, we go to our local Barnes & Noble just about every weekend, or at least every other weekend. In the interest of keeping up with the market (and maybe find a new book to take home), we usually end up in the teen/young adult section.

And boy have we ever started noticing a trend, or, series of trends that feed into one giant trend.  I’ll just do a quick count, with the promise of expanding on some of these in future Trends posts:

1. Incredibly average protagonist (all the better to self-insert yourself with)
2. A Betty and Veronica style love triangle in which one love interest is far more socially acceptable than the other
3. The only two settings that exist are a post-apocalyptic society or school, sometimes both
4. The protagonist does something, or seeks to do something, that has never, ever been done before by anyone
5. Names that sound very contrived and “special”–it’s totally understandable to want your protagonist to stand out, but that should be done through personality and not by giving them an outlandish name for no reason
6. Manic Pixie Dream Girlfriend/Boyfriend
7. Forbidden romance ripped straight out of Romeo and Juliet, bonus if one partner is some kind of supernatural being
8. Rage against the system
9. Seemingly perfect society that ends up not being perfect
10. Glorifying the book’s content–this doesn’t actually tell the reader anything about the book other than how amazing it is from a subjective viewpoint
11. Protagonist who is waiting for someone else to fix their life
12. The following phrases, and others:

  • “Protagonist can’t stop thinking about x”
  • “Protagonist must choose between the x they’ve always known and [something new]”
  • “[Description of how attractive the love interest is]”
  • “Impossible choice”
  • “The protagonist’s life is about to change [bonus if it’s due to a love interest]”
  • “Can protagonist x before x?”
  • “One fateful x”

Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

Disclaimer: I have not read any of these books.  For all I know, they’re masterpieces.  Our assessment is based solely on the summaries provided. These could be very different books, but judging solely on the summaries, they all sound kind of cliche.  The point here is that you need to pay attention to what your summary says about your book.  Even if your book is amazingly original, a summary that shares too many traits with others can make potential readers think your book is a cliche-riddled mess.  Some of the above points are unavoidable, but ideally you shouldn’t exceed three per summary.

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Sun in Gemini - Focusing on Communication

Transit Occurring May 20th – Jun 20th 2015 The Sun enters the fast moving sign of Gemini. The Sun’s buoyant energy moves easily here, helping us to focus on those concepts that Gemini rules: conversations, language, communication, publishing, short journeys, siblings or people in the immediate sphere of relating such as neighbors or coworkers. Gemini helps us solidify our life philosophies thought words, conversations and writing, that give tangibility to lofty philosophical ideals. We are focused on what is being said, but also what is left unsaid also teaches us a great deal. 

The Sun is enabled to move as fast as it wants in Gemini, allowing our focus to move easily from one subject to another, moving at the speed of sound, or faster.  We thoroughly enjoy the fun and excitement that comes from short journeys, intellectual stimulation through conversations with friends, and debates of grander issues. Gemini is communication, yet there are many forms of communication, Gemini is more specifically interested in words, and literature, publishing, and committing your words and thoughts to paper. This is a tangible influence remember once something is said, it exists forever.
It feels like life is moving at the speed of light and hey maybe for once we can keep up. Our thoughts fly out our mouths, it seems like our words can’t even keep up. But everyone wants to talk at once, and talking over each other happens all too often.
Gemini is the sign of the twins, meaning two people in one, whom never occupy the same place at the same time.  


In Greek and Roman Mythology the Gemini twins are known as Castor and Pollux (each a star that makes up the Gemini constellation)  Latin the twins are also known as the Gemini[5] or Castores.[6] When Castor was killed, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together

This flighty energy translates into a flighty frame of mind; one minute the Sun is shining and we feel on top of the world, and the next minute the lesser person, whom is possibly neglected, shows their true colors.
If both sides of your psyche is balanced, this is less likely to occur, yet if there are problems neglected, and a deeper side you are ashamed of, or a negative side to your life you have not addressed prepare yourself for a full-fledged neurosis creating a super complicated  schizophrenia disorder.
Gemini at its best is fast talking, concerned with friends, interesting conversations, specific word choices, different languages, short trips, people in the immediate environment; such as brothers and sisters or neighbors. Take a weekend trip, write a letter, create a new word, get your friends together and talk about anything and everything, this is a very optimistic sign, we love looking at the silver lining in life.
While when Gemini goes bad, it really goes bad. We talk incessantly, trying to use words to cover up deeper issues. It is hard to focus, we want to do everything at the same time, but things are sloppily done and nothing ever gets finished. And people may have a duality aspect to them, we are flakey, say one thing, when we absolutely mean the exact opposite, plus we fly into a rage at the drop of a hat, but may not remember it later. We are consumed with noise, that from conversations, but also that noise in our minds that makes it hard to focus on just one thing.
Use this time to focus on what you say, how you say it – tone is everything to this sign – remember that when trying to ask for something or sell someone on something. Publishing is a given for this time of year, but try to give yourself time between writing and publishing, there are certain things you cannot erase.
We have a hard time thinking and focusing on our emotions. This is an intellectual mental energy, deep thoughts of our emotional side; do not meld with this influence. We have a hard time being emotionally open, honest and vulnerable with others.
If you are having a difficult influence with this time, try keeping a journal, writing things out, or free writing to get in touch with that other subconscious side of the psyche.

General Sun Sign Orientation:
This influence is best for people with planets in: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries
This influence may be abrasive to people with planets in: Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo

*This article was originally posted in May 20th 2013, yet it has been edited updated, and extended.

Need to get this album finished.

It’s good to see people are actually waiting for it. I haven’t put out anything recently, but it’s good that I have some patient ears ready for when I do.

The numbers may be “small” for now, but those people are loyal af. It just makes me want to give them something we can all thoroughly enjoy,

Congratulations Mandy! You have been accepted to play Malaya! We thoroughly enjoyed your application and we can’t wait to have Malaya in the game! Please send in your character’s account within 24 hours and re-read the rules and guidelines. Also, please make sure you read Queen Verena’s set rules for the kingdom and follow everyone on our master list. Thank you!


Jon & Cassie are on the road!
The car is packed full (no, we didn’t bring a Keurig, that’s our cooking supply box!). We started out at 4:00 AM on Wednesday morning (right after The Coach!), stopped briefly in “bear country”, and drove all the way to White River.

We made lots of stops along the way, and we are now in Regina.
Joel Plaskett played Darke Hall last night; we thoroughly enjoyed the show, and awkwardly talked to him afterward!

Today we visited Fort Bluff, a wonderful re-creation of a pioneer village. Fort Bluff was established in 1879 by LDS (Mormons) who were asked to come to this part of Utah to help the Indians survive after being returned to their land and to decrease the lawlessness due to renegades hiding out in the area. The Fort Bluff Historical area was built by funds from the Hole in the wall association and is staffed by Mormon missionaries. It is a gem of a place and there is no admission fee! We thoroughly enjoyed visiting it!

Congratulations Hannah !! You’ve been accepted as your first choice of Victoria Justice as 22 year old, Aleksandrina Schopenhauer !! Please make sure to have your account in within 24 hours, and that you follow the check list !!

A note from your admins: Hello there Hannah !! We couldn’t help but notice that you mentioned Aleksandrina being at the facility for a few years now. We would just like to point out that this would not apply since the start of this roleplay will be her first day. If you have any questions, please just message us. However, we both thoroughly enjoyed the life you brought Lexi. We believe that her skills and intelligence will contribute greatly in the facility and can’t wait to see her come to life. Congrats again !!

Pictured: Today’s Blue Pig Special at @swineandsons. Brisket Meatloaf with BBQ gastrique, brown butter whipped potatoes, charred broccoli with bacon & dinner roll. A hearty portion that was thoroughly enjoyed! We also picked up a crowler of the @caskandlarder special release, Angel Wings - Imperial Double Stout. Perfect finish to this meal. #OrlandoDining #OrlandoFood #Orlando #Food #Foodie #brisket #meatloaf #southernfood #southernliving #bacon #craftbeer #crowler #BBQ #delicious #eeeeats #yum #InstaYum #Foodpic #foodPorn #foodPhotography #foodblogger #FoodComa #eatingfortheinsta #eatthis #Latergram #OMG #BluePigSpecial #SwineAndSons #TasteCookSip (at Swine & Sons)

15 May

Our final day in Mui Ne - had to be a beach day. Quick breakfast and then to the bike. It was only 1000hr but the seat was scorching hot. We went to the amazing South beach and had it to ourselves once more.

The sea was super warm and more like a bath than the ocean. Midway through the morning we launched our kite for the final time and tied it to a post. We were all wearing lashings of factor 50 sun cream but the sun was hot and we could feel ourselves burning. A tactical retreat to a restaurant for lunch was the sensible solution.

The bike hire terminated at 1430hr and we handed back the keys - reckless and irresponsible; or risk assessed and practical; either way we had survived - and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

During lunch a Vietnamese lad of about 13yrs had come over to our table trying to sell us balloons or a go on his weighing scales - we declined. He stayed and chatted; able to speak fluent Vietnamese, English and Russian he could also get by in French and German (verbal and written). I’m the end he cut to the chase and asked for money; it is our policy to decline begging and this was no exception. The lad was more than gracious with our decision and bid us farewell. Moments later Clare remembered our kite, we were not planning on taking it any further on our trip and this lad seemed the perfect custodian; whether he played with it or sold it. We chased after him and offered it, he was overwhelmed and wanted to try to give us something for it - very clever, charismatic and altogether cool kid!

Our afternoon was spent cooling off. We had burned; each of us. Though we had consciously plastered each other with SPF50 we were all bright red. Clare is convinced the sun cream is bad; fake or out of date. Either way we need some different stuff. The pool on the ocean front was in shade; that was our destination for the afternoon.

A restaurant on the way back across the street for dinner and then home to bed.

Location: 57 East 57th Street (Ty Bar at The Four Seasons Hotel)

Items: 6 Cocktails, 4 Small Plates, 2 Desserts

Best Drink: Though we thoroughly enjoyed one of the most luxurious Old Fashions ever created the star of the night was the Meridian. The zesty citrus and warm cinnamon flavors are a winning combination

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is relaxed luxury.

Overall: Despite the opulent surroundings the vibe is very comfortable and easy. The bar services a unique mix of ages, so don’t expect a wild night of drunken debauchery. Instead go with the intent to eat, drink and be merry.

Ty Bar

A few short weeks ago we stepped into The Garden at The Four Seasons to live out our decadent fantasies with a fun Brunch. This week we popped in for premium cocktails at the beautiful Ty Bar located just across the lobby from The Garden.. We stopped by on a Tuesday and thanks to the Memorial Day recovery of the usual patrons, the space was lively but not crowded. Most evening the plush red seating is bursting at the seams with excited patrons. The always friendly hostess led us to a corner table window, where we could look out into the entire space. The expansive dimly lit bar is filled with cushioned red seating and warm wooden accents. We sat and looked on our fellow patrons. The crowd ranges from captains of industry to giddy fashionistas all enjoying the soft music and casual atmosphere.

For the first round we chose one of the most decadent cocktails we have ever had. Macallan is one of the world’s best Single malt Scotch Whiskies and the Ty Bar offers three cocktails with this exclusive product. You won’t find Macallan in most bars in the city it is a cherished spirit available in only the finest establishments. You can enjoy this whisky neat but we chose to have as an Old Fashioned mixed with orange bitters and Colorado Clover honey. There are four levels of Macallan available at TY Bar. The most expensive of the group, the Macallan M, which has the distinction of being one of the most expensive drinks on the planet. It actually holds the world record after a single liter decanter of this precious liquid sold for over $600.000 at a Sotheby’s auction. You may not be able to get a bottle but you can sample it at the four Seasons for a mere 1200 a glass.

We opted for the 18 Year Old Macallan Old Fashioned for $65. The drink arrives with a beautiful orb of ice bobbing quietly in its glass. The Whisky is smooth and rich; notes of dried fruit, clove and spice are evident from the very first sip. This isn’t a drink to be rushed this should be sipped, slowly. You truly have to let the liquid coat your tongue and experience all of it.

While we sipped on our shamelessly rich beverages we also enjoyed an assortment of small plates. Our bar bites started with the Crispy Duck Paillettes served with a tangy Chili Mint Sauce for dipping. The outer layer was warm and crunchy and the duck inside tender and moist.

We also tried the tasty Korean Tacos. These little gems were overflowing with tender juicy beef drizzled with a tasty spicy kimchi mayo. The tacos were divine.

Before our last savory bites, we ordered another round of cocktails. I chose the Mad Man a refreshing mix of Four Seasons Baby Bourbon shaken, not stirred with ginger syrup, bitters and freshly squeezed lemon juice. My companion went with The Meridian, an incredibly tasty cocktail featuring an exclusive house mix of five rums shaken with cinnamon syrup with fresh lime and pineapple juices.

For our last plate we had the Pan Seared Shrimp. This sumptuous jumbo shrimp are served on a bed of sweet and spicy mango salsa.

For our last round we enjoyed the Old Pal. It is made with barrel aged Four Seasons Hudson Baby Bourbon stirred with Campari and a bitter Italian vermouth, Punt De Mes.

The very last treat of the evening was the smooth and creamy Roasted Almond Panna Cotta.

Ty Bar is of the city’s most sophisticated bar. Its chic decor and famed location create an impressive date night or special treat. The cocktails aren’t just watered down fruit juice blends, they were hand crafted by a noteworthy mixologist and they are presented as such. Lastly, the staff is warm friendly and approachable. Though we went one of the least hectic evenings, the bar was still pretty busy yet we never felt ignored or had to look far for our server; a rare occurrence in most bars. Even on their busiest nights Ty Bar maintains a sense of dignity and pride in their amazing menu and the service they provide. So whether you’re the head honcho at some billion dollar business or a thirsty blogger looking for a well made drink you can count on Ty Bar to provide great drinks, tasty plates and impeccable service. Head over to http://www.fourseasons.com/ for more information.


Cocktails at Ty Bar (The @FourSeasons Hotel) @fsnewyork #reviews #food #drinks Location: 57 East 57th Street (Ty Bar at The Four Seasons Hotel) Items: 6 Cocktails, 4 Small Plates, 2 Desserts…