Please help us Save The Matterpillar! As you may know, the rare species of Matterpillars are nearly extinct; there are only 2 left in the wild!
So what can you do to Save the Matterpillars? There is only 1 thing we can do to help them: we need to drink milk, for good. Drink milk with everything, INCLUDING your salad! Leave a puddle of it wherever you go, milk is a major factor in a Matterpillar’s diet.
Do whatever you can to Save The Matterpillar! We need more in the wild! Wouldn’t you want your children, and your children’s children to see the gracious and spectacular Matterpillar?

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hickeys, moaning, hickeys, bondage, dirty talk, scratching, hair pulling, spanking, dom/sub (are you dom or sub), orgasm denial, roleplay, giggling, praise, biting, and milk. we need a proper comparison.

you’re the fucking worst oh my god

hickeys- :))))  moaning- :)) bondage- :(  dirty talk-:)  scratching- :))) dom/sub- :), idk if I’m a dom or sub??? i like the idea of dom but i’m awkward and nervous always?? idk man.  hair pulling- :))))))))))) spanking- :((((((  orgasm denial- :(  roleplay- :( giggling- :)))))) praise-:))))))) biting-:))))))))))) bite me jfc   milk-:0

ok that’s it forever 

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During the war they never said goodbye, they thought it sounded too final. It was a lot of, 'see ya tonight, babe.' and 'don't forget we need milk'

you arr breaking my tiny fragile heart

Conversations around the breakfast table
  • Leah:Do you remember when we visited the farm.
  • Me:Yes
  • Leah:Do you remember the cows doing into the machine to be milked.
  • Me:Yes, that was kind of cool.
  • Lilly:what do we need all that milk for?
  • Leah:they make butter from it.
  • Me:they don't just make butter with it. They make cheese, sour cream, double cream, butter and milk.
  • Leah:they make "lettmelk" (easymilk/low fat milk) and "vanskeligmelk) (difficult milk).
  • Me:*giggling* There is no such thing as difficult milk, but they do make full fat milk and skimmed milk.

me: *calls my dad* hey dad, we also need milk 

dad: milk? okay, I’m gonna need a list now. if it gets to more than 3 things I can’t remember them. that’s why I only had 2 children. 

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@confesion#159 yeah we don't need milk and actually aren't meant to process milk beyond infancy, but cows ain't people, ok? they don't have breasts. i agree with the point they're making but to anyone else running around saying that cow milk is "breast milk," please stop before you make an idiot out of yourself.

You’re right… cows “ain’t” people. But that’s irrelevant. Or it just adds to the point that its still fucking disgusting… Not only is it milk, it’s milk from another SPECIES. I mean, either way, its a fluid produced in the mammary glands and is secreted through the nipples in order to feed a young developing mammal. Breasts and udders are just different species’ versions of milk sacs. :/ Tomato tomahto.