“He really was the most awesome cat I’ve ever met and has given me so much love and affection over the years. I know that everyone says this about their pets (and that non pet owners won’t understand), but he really was one of a kind.

Thank you for all the love you’ve giving him over the years - especially when he was ill last year. We’re thankful to have had an extra year with him.

Miss him already…”


"The insurgents, breathless with anxiety, followed him with their eyes. The barricade was trembling; he was singing … He did not finish. A second bullet from the same marksman cut him short. This time he fell facedown on the pavement and did not stir again. That great little soul had taken flight." — Les Miserables

Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Photography

I didn’t want to post about this on tumblr because I didn’t want sympathy, but I just got news that my little man here, Buster, is going to be okay so I felt like sharing my happiness :)

Last week he was hit by a car, breaking his left leg and puncturing a lung. He was on a bunch of life support things for a week while we waited to see if his condition would improve. The whole family was completely broken; we love our two cats more than anything so this was one of the worst things we could imagine happening.

Luckily, his liver enzymes went back to normal day by day, his nutrition increased with the fluids they were giving him, and he was cleared of having any serious injuries to his spine, brain, pelvis, and head. 5 minutes ago my mum came and told me that his leg surgery was successful, meaning he should make a full recovery and will be back home within the next few days

This photo was taken 3 days ago, and despite how he looks this was actually him in the best condition since the accident. I wasn’t sure if he would survive his leg surgery, since there was always a chance he wouldn’t, so I took this photo in case it was my last chance. He was in great pain for about 4 whole days while we waited for his blood levels to lower back to normal, and it brought us all to tears seeing him in such a state.

We were always told that putting him to sleep, or amputating his broken leg, were possibilities that we may have to take for the sake of his pain. But luckily we had some very great nurses and doctors who looked after him and helped him recover from his trauma and depression from the incident, and now he’ll be back home very soon.

Im so thankful he’s okay and that I’ll be able to take many more photos with him. I’ve never been so grateful for anything in my life.

Idk who of you care about this story, but I’ll update this post with photos of his recovery just because I will be so proud and happy of him surviving all this :)

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Hey there!

I think this blog is going to be something personal, but I want to share it, i want you get inspired and motivated reading this. This is important, I think everyone have to love himself but to love we have to feel good, we have to be happy, and to reach that we have to living healthy, we have to start being happy just because people love us, because we love little things, because we love our cat, because we love music, because we love.

Please, use this blog as a motivation. Please, you have to love yourself. Let start okey?