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i love coming full circle, watching a TED talk in class which features the host talking about the virality of Nyancat and creativity around the world. Kevin Allocca "Why videos go viral" in case you were wondering :0

Oh, I know Kevin! We have actually chatted on the phone a few times. We actually had a good talk before he had that TED Talk and we both learned a lot of things about the behind the scenes workings of the Internet. Awesome guy!


Kevin Khatchadourian from We Need to Talk about Kevin

or, The Adventures of the Absurdly Attractive Adolescent Antisocial Mass Murderer and his Mother

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How long have you and Kevin been dating? And how did you two meet? Please indulge me with your love story. Y'all are so adorable >~<

We’ve been dating for about a week now!! And we met through twitter lol. One night I was having trouble sleeping and he was tweeting, so I mentioned him and we just ended up talking back and forth (*~▽~)

And idk, our story kinda thing isn’t really spectacular. I’ve known him for almost four years, so at the time everyone thought he was older (which was weird to me because I was like ‘woah why is he talking to me of all people’ but i got over it lol) so when he finally decided to tell everyone, he told me first and whatnot. He always came to me for all kinds of stuff, but only when he wasn’t seeing someone which kinda bummed me out, but nonetheless I was very happy that he ever wanted to talk to me at all. So he told everyone his age and soon after that out of the blue he asked me to be his girlfriend. At that point I’d never realized how much I actually did have feelings for him, so of course I said yes. We dated for a good four months, but he insisted on keeping me a secret and not letting anyone know we were together. We were both very immature and stupid, so we had some problems because of those things. We still cared for each other very, very much but suddenly one day he said he wasn’t happy anymore and said we should go our separate ways. I was completely destroyed and still to this day I have a really hard time understanding it. It kinda really sucked because just a few days after leaving me, he announced dating Jenna and I really didn’t know what to do. I spent a good five or six months trying to get over him, especially since he would check on my twitter or text me and say things to try to get me to get over him. Eventually I stopped caring and my life went a different way and whatever whatever.

But about a month ago he messaged me on steam, since we were still friends there, and he asked if we could talk again. It was a really hard decision for me, since he hurt me a lot, but he was also a very important person in my life and he was the first person I seriously cared about. Ever since I agreed he’s been nothing but apologetic and felt awful that he did what he did. I feel like it would be better for him to tell you how he felt about everything, but I know over the year we didn’t talk I still cared about his well being and how he was doing. He did a lot to hurt me, but we’ve made amends and we’re both really happy!! I’m glad I don’t have to be hid anymore and everyone seems to like me so far, so I’m very hopeful for us and our futures.

(That was probably super jumbled and long but I’m kinda busy and also on mobile so please forgive ;-;)