BTS - Camping
  • Jin:Okay let's set up the tents
  • Rapmon:I got it
  • Jin:no you don't
  • J-Hope:I'll set it up
  • Jin:ah thanks, now Taehyung where did you pack it?
  • V:Pack what?
  • Jin:The tent
  • V:tent?
  • Jin:yeah
  • V:I thought you said to pay the rent
  • Jin:what the fuck we don't even pay a rent, who did you pay?
  • V:I just gave Jimin the money
  • Jin:Jimin where is our money
  • Jimin:I dont know what ur talking about
  • Suga:so where the fuck are we supposed to sleep?
  • V:In the grass like real men
  • Jungkook:Real men sleep in grass?
  • Jin:*sighs* we can't sleep in the grass
  • V:can too
  • Jimin:*rips off his shirt* this is how we do it in the wilderness
  • J-Hope:yo put your shirt back on
  • Jimin:you can't tame. The Jimin.
  • J-Hope:yes i can now put it back on this is getting hella awkward
  • Jimin:Nah man I'm trying to impress Jungkook
  • Jungkook:*rolling around in the grass*
  • Rapmon:guys imma set up the grill and heat up so- OH GOD WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE
  • Jin:y'know what im done *opens the back door to house* *locks everyone outside*
  • J-Hope:Wait Jin I wanna go back inside to
[Totally Confirmed] Lay and Sehun decided to add Luhan to the Kakaotalk chat for their prayer group.
  • Lay:Welcome to the chat, Luhan.
  • Luhan:why did you add me
  • Sehun:We think you need G-d
  • Luhan:why do i need g-dragon i love xiumin
  • Lay:He means you need God
  • Luhan:then why the hell did he write it like that
  • Lay:Please don't swear. We understand that you might have some anger to work through.
  • Luhan:i just want xiumin to forgive me
  • Sehun:Well, for the record, I forgive you
  • Luhan:what do you want a gold star or something
  • Lay:Luhan, these outbursts are only causing you more stress. God loves you, and so do we. There's no need to keep your walls up around us
  • Luhan:i just dont know what sehun needs to forgive me for
  • Sehun:For breaking my heart
  • Luhan:i dont know or care what youre talking about can we talk about xiumin
  • Lay:Sure. What does Xiumin need to forgive you for?
  • Luhan:i got a girlfriend when i was already dating him
  • Lay:Why did you do that?
  • Luhan:because she was my dream girl! you cant let your dream girl slip away!
  • Sehun:I can understand that
  • Luhan:thank you sehun!!
  • Lay:Sometimes, though it is hard, we have to fight against our natural instincts to protect those we care about.
  • Luhan:yeah...
  • Luhan:hey so are you and chen fucking yet
  • Lay:Please do not swear

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so my ex and I were together for a little over a year (were both freshman) we never had sex but we did other stuff and the idea of him or me actually having sex with anyone else makes me sick, ive been in love with him since we were in 7th grade i really dont want to see either of us lose it to someone else (he has said the same to me quite a few times) and i really dont know how to go about telling him thats what i want,he has opportunities to have sex all the time but he never does. any advice

if y’all are still in love w each other & both of u really don’t want to be or have sex w other ppl then i don’t understand the break up? idk the reasons behind it but if they’re legitimate & u guys really cannot function together then unfortunately being w other ppl is kinda inevitable, unless u plan to remain single forever which isn’t a bad plan tbh lol. on the bright side ur both really young & u have ur whole hs career ahead of u to worry abt sex and relationships so don’t let this bad breakup set a precedent for how the rest of ur life is going to be like bc y’all will move on from each other someday

what a great day – ive gone to the indie theater so many times this week that they now know me // i walked into a lighting store yesterday w my mom and they were like ‘you study design? pls apply’ so i did and they just called me and said ‘we dont have a job, but come in at 9am and we can talk about creating one for you’ // its storming right now!!

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can you tell us a story please? :3

wow i havent told one is ages but okay.

so when i was around 11 or 12 years old (btw pls dont mention those years around me it digs up memories i want to forget) i went paddle boating with my one friend lexi during the summer

for those of you who dont know what a paddle boat is, here:

its just basically a boat you power with pedaling

anyways we were just out in the lake paddle boating from side to side and having a grand ol time.

but sadly, all good things must come to an end and our adventure did too. (mostly bc it was time for lexi to go home since her curfew was the really late time of 6 pm)

so we were pedaling back when all of a sudden the pedals stopped working and we wouldnt go anywhere

and lexi was like ‘oH MY GOD’ (except it was probably more like ‘oH MY GOSH’ bc she was really christian and would not put the lords name in vain god bless her soul) and i was like ‘fuck’ but i was also 12 so it was really ‘frick’

so we did the logical thing.

we freaked the fuck out.

now my parents were waiting for us at the little landing area (where the boats are tied up and you get on and off the boats) and they saw us going like ‘HELP OMG HELP US’ and waving our hands so they cheerfully waved back

but soon they realized that we were actually in trouble and they were like ‘shit’ and they were adults so it was probably actually like ‘shit’ so quickly my dad threw some money at the guy who was renting out the boats to people (his name is josh) and grabbed a canoe and rushed out to us

meanwhile i think my mom got ice cream?? idk shes a carefree woman who happens to really like chocolate

so there we were, screaming at the top of our lungs and my dad canoeing towards us with all of his might

it was great, really. when my dad finally reached us he said ‘climb into the canoe’

and we were like ‘what are you crazy’ and he said ‘if you want to live, climb into the canoe.’

i mean he didnt actually say that but hey this is my story im gonna tell it like that

so i was like okay and since i was closer to my dad i was like ‘ill go first’ and lexi was like ‘k’

shes cool like that

so i slowly stood up and got ready to put my foot into the canoe

except it didnt go like that.

see i had a cell phone with me (ikr right im so cool) and lexi thought it was the perfect time to remember that i didnt have it in my hands

so she said ‘hey lissa you forgot your cellphone!’ and i was like ‘hoe dont do it’ and she fucking said ‘here catch!’

oh my god

so i divebombed to catch it (i used to value my cell phones with my life and now i dont bc theyve all either broken and been stolen and now i just accept my fate) and my foot slipped

and you know what happened?

i fell into the lake.

but thats not all. my foot was already in my dads canoe and i may have sorta tipped it over.

lexi said it was funny

so there we are, with an upside down canoe, a broken cell phone, lexi laughing her head off, and my dad and i in the middle of the lake.

great bonding experience

luckily josh (you remember him?) came by in a fucking speedboat and said ‘do you guys want a lift?’

thanks josh.

so josh tied the paddle boat to the back of the speedboat and i climbed back into the paddle boat

the best part is how we got back before my dad (remember he was still in the canoe so he had to get back by himself) and he squished up to us soaking wet and just glared at us before my mom offered him some ice cream

the end.


Oh, wow… I get it now. We have the exact same ailment!

We do?

I think you’re amazing, Sumia, and when you’re around, my heart goes nuts. So… it sounds like maybe you’ve got the same thing going on, right?

I know it’s a bit odd, but I think I’ve fallen in love with you, Henry.


ME AND KRISTA FINALLY GOT TO LIVE OUR HENSU DREAMS AT ACEN. We’re in love with Hensu and were basically gushing the whole time we did this, it was probably a little embarrassing BUT LOOK HOW CUTE WE ARE. I’m so happy I got to do another shoot with Krista and that I got to let Davey flex his photography muscles!!! This shoot was just lovely~ I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did!



The anon inspired me so here’s some okami fandom related questions for your followers :D

  1. Favorite character?
  2. How did you first find out about Okami?
  3. What primary type of weapon do you use?
  4. Have you ever collected all of the beads?
  5. What do you like most about the game? (art, music, gameplay, combat, etc.)
  6. Okami or Okamiden?
  7. Least favorite character?
  8. Favorite species?
  9. Favorite companion in Okamiden?
  10. What boss was the most fun to fight?
  11. Least favorite boss?
  12. Favorite quote?
  13. What song did you like the best of the soundtrack?
  14. Your OTP.
  15. Saddest moment?
  16. Your favorite moment.
  17. A character you initially didn’t like at first, but something changed your mind.
  18. Any headcanons?
  19. A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships?
  20. What was the turning point for you in the game?
  21. What sidequest did you dislike the most?
  22. Favorite brush god power?
  23. What location stuck out to you?
  24. What folklore of Okami was your favorite? (the Bamboo Princess, Tongue-cut sparrow, etc.)
  25. What enemies were the most annoying?
  • biggest turn on:DIMPLES (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

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do you think that exo members are trying to hide kaisoo's relationship? they always try to prevent kaisoo from happening (like what Lay did- cockblocking them) or is it just me who feel like that- whenever I see other members in between kaisoo I feel like they are trying to seperate them-

no no no definitely not just you, bc i also think like that, and i know there are others who think the same thing like we do

the way they treat/react to kaisoo does look suspicious dont you think? again like always, hey mabye we’re just delulu trash that over-analyze shit but honestly deep down we feel i know im not just seeing shit

in honesty i see/feel that there’s an unspoken rule (or maybe already being spoken idk) between some members - a rule that at least one of them need to be stand between kaisoo bc if those two will be glued to each other 

i notice that ksoo often stands beside-kind-of-behind jongin, like he is hiding ¼ of his body behind jongin’s shoulder?  and then proceed to latch his body on jongin’s arm? idk just like you anon, i feel “is this just me?” and i remember that ksoo said he has stage fright (idk this is mentioned in super idol chart show, where a list of some shy idols being mentioned - and ksoo was one of them), so does he do this bc he feels secure behind jongin bc he’s not that comfortable on stage (especially during predebut)? idk maybe i’m just speaking nonsense here (and please do tell me if ksoo does this thing w/ others too since i only know he does this to jongin only) 

anyway yixing, suho, and chanyeol seem have sworn to do the duty of mr.cockblockers imo (usually the rest just who see the moments would do nothing and grin or put a kind of face that you would make if something happens but you need to keep your face straight)

for yixing he seems to prefer the preventing, like he needs to be in the middle of them first before they start doing something, suho seems to be the same w/ yixing tho imo, when yixing was away suho took his place as the kaisoo’s middle pillar and when something unexpected things happen he would duck his head and hold his smile (he did this when yixing peck ksoo’s cheek, but he didnt smile, yet when jongin stood up and pointing soo bc soo is his fav member not baek, suho ducked his head and veiled his smile with his fist), 

while chanyeol seems to prefer to attack right away as soon as he sees it happens, he often comes in between kaisoo idk why this guy does this, like when kaisoo whispering he just needs to be there, to be included, and he enjoys teasing ksoo too and publicly announce it, and mentioning ksoo this and that often, he annoys him often (idk i see him as that guy who loves to annoy his crush bc he wants to create a reason to touch his crush lol)

theres somehting strange about chanyeol’s cockblocking style, this guy still doing the cockblocking even in the dorm, yeah? i’ve heard before the room is shared for chansookai, it was originally kaisoo? but then why chanyeol came a long and wanted to join kaisoo’s room then?

dont listen to me anon i’m a crazy trash run before you get yourself in too deep that you can’t come out and sorry no gifs just boring words i’m sleepy rn (hope this my answer makes sense) and too lazy to search for the proper gifs about them boys reaction too kaisoo anyway have a good night/day

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I dont even ship pinescone and i love your this whole story. HOW??? what did you do??

I am pleased with the destruction I’ve wrought.

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Hey Kylee! Im trying really hard to get fit like you and I wanted to know what kind of training you do to stay fit/ what you did while you worked with your trainer? I dont have enough money to afford a trainer but my girlfriend said she'd work out with me so we can both get back to how we used to look. i think you posted it somewhere before, but I cant find it. Thanks in advance!

You don’t need a trainer to be able to exercise from home, luckily! I go to one because my lazy ass is often unmotivated to work out on my own lol. Just go on lots of walks and jogs (cardio is the most important for weight loss and heart health), and if you can, get yourself a set of freeweights and look up some full-body workout routines and do those about 3-4x a week if you wanna build some muscle!!

There is beauty in inperfection

i never write haikus
but sometimes you should try things
so thats what i do

i saw you write now
right now i see youre writing
so i write now too

i have no idea
but i just write some words, dude
cause frankly, whatevs.

im drunk on living
im high on drugs and dreaming
i live on and on

i dont even care
i dont know what im doing
but we must try, right?

your words are flowing
I almost dislike you now
what am I doing?

death is immortal
immortality a lie
but hey, who cares, right?

butterfly and garlicbread
are just some words that surface
in my mindless head

have we started yet?
I’m beginning  to think that
we have, haven’t we?

thats not a haiku
it shoulnt be alright
but who knows, who cares

words are flowing out
thats a beatles song in fact
thats how it started

when did we start out
becoming what we are now?
will it ever end?

are we anything?
isnt life just nothing?
is life meaningful?

existential cries
is there anyone out there?
who can hear me scream?

past five minutes now
why are we still going on?
someone hit the brakes

five minutes for one
becomes ten minutes for two
don’t call it cheating


I know not all of them are perfect, but there are at least ten legit haiku in there.

But the runaway boy ends up being Magnetos son, who has the same power as his father.

Magneto : you keep your filthy homo sapien spawn away form my son!

Nick Fury: did you just, oh i KNOW you did not just call my daughter that! how about you keep your hazard of a child away from my baby girl so i wont whoop some mutant ass, okay lensher?

Mystique : the avengers, how pathetic.

Tony : really? were the pathetic ones? at least we dont hide out real skin.

Wolverine : *looks to other x-men* i dont even know what the hell were suppose to be doing. 

Magneto’s son : should we stop this orr….

You: hmmm…NAH

okay please request imagines of any fandom, i do marvel imagines for a fact, but hey, request from anything else and ill see if i can do it. right now i have a peitro imagine in the wokrs so if you want peitro please request! I LOVE HIM!!

so please request away causeihavenolife!

  • DAVE:so now shes gone
  • DAVE:who the hell is in charge
  • DAVE:terezi werent you like "co-executive whateverthefuck"
  • DAVE:yeah we were gonna do that anyway but like what happens if it goes apeshit
  • DAVE:if we were in a particularly bad mood who would we scapegoat
  • TEREZI:>:O
  • JOHN:hey guys!!! can you stop with the arguing??
  • DAVE:yea karkat you need to chill who gives a shit about leaders anyway
  • ROXY:u brought it up lol
  • DAVE:yes but i did so ironically you know that right
  • ROXY::P
  • KANAYA:If Its Any Consolation I Dont Think There Will Be Much Opportunity For Single Person Leadership In Such Chaotic Circumstances
  • KANAYA:Unless Of Course A Person Was To Be So Passively Inspirational That They Would Affect The Party As A Whole Without Even Trying
  • ROXY:oh really??
  • DIRK:I think I know someone who is already filling that role.
  • ROXY:its u dirk lmao u scare everyone into work
  • DIRK:Thats not what I--- sigh. (she'll figure it out eventually)

I think we worked hard to get to where we were in the 3rd period with a 3-1 lead and then, ah, you know, I guess when it rains it pours in some moments especially for us today in that third. I think a lot of teams wouldn’t feel too good about themselves but I think we did a great job of collecting ourselves, and just staying calm, and knowing that it is what it is.

You can’t change that, you gotta move forward and you gotta find a way to get yourself back in the game. Uhm, I think its moments like that that things just dont go your way, they swing the other way, for a minute there its looking pretty good and you know I think we have the character and the poise to relax and calm ourselves down. And make a game of it and find a way to get back into it.

And obviously when we get into late overtime periods I think we just have a feeling as a group that we’re gonna find a way to win.

—  Jonathan Toews