X.ai, a startup in New York City, is experimenting with a personal assistant called Amy to schedule meetings for clients. Copying Amy on an email—as you would with a living, breathing assistant—prompts her to check your calendar for availability and negotiate a time and place. Founder Dennis Mortensen claims Amy is accurate 98% of the time for simple tasks.
—  The tyranny of the servant is alive and well in this new digital age. I welcome our new robot overlords and hope they ordered coffee for the 8am meeting.
(“Why Can’t We Kill Email” 4/28/2015)

basically people over 50/60 shouldnt be allowed in political office anymore (esp in influential countries like USA) because they are not the generation of citizens having to live with their influential law-making decisions based on their decades-old-expired ignorance and beliefs. It is our lives and our future so there should be a limit to the age of people in office. 

Age doesn’t always mean experience and wisdom. 

As demonstrated for the past 24 years I’ve been alive, age apparently means the “privilege” to enforce your own opinions and beliefs, despite them being wrong/immoral/inhumane/outdated and totally backwards for the development of society and quality of life, on younger people just because you can.

If we wanna kill all these ignorant anti-gay, anti-racism, anti-feminism crap ideologies, then do not put into positions of power people that were born in a time where all these things were considered normal and okay parts of society.

HATE IS TAUGHT. Let’s stop them from spreading the bullshit to our children.

I Really Want To Understand Why People Think That If We Dressed Better, Spoke “Eloquently”, Got An Education, And Ect. That They Would Stop Killing Us. Excuse Me But That Was The Same Mentality After Slavery Was So Called Abolished And They Still Ran Around Lynching And Killing Us. The Issue Of Black On Black Crime Doesn’t Compare Because If I Kill My Brother I Get Jail Time I Get A Consequence But If A White Man Kills Me He Gets To Go Live His Life With His Actions Justified. Do I Think People Should Run Around Killing People No But When Cops Can Arrest Someone For Walking While Being Black And When We Can Be Killed Just For Existing I Damn Sure Have An Issue So Don’t Use The Argument Of Black On Black Crime Because White People Created These Divisions For Us; We Didn’t Create Them But We Need To Stop Perpetuating Them By Silencing Each Other We Need To Address These Issues ALL Of THEM. And Please Remember White People Only Have A Problem When We Retaliate Because They Put In The History Books That We Have Always Been Peaceful And Don’t Defend Ourselves. Also Remember That White People Started The First Ever Race Riot And Burned Down A Black Town And They’ve Been Doing So Ever Since. WAKE UP! This Is Modern Genocide And They’re Being Strategic About If Ur Not Getting Mad Then Something Is Very Wrong.


under appreciated films challenge - favourite film
the last unicorn 

There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever. We are as old as the sky, as old as the moon! We can be hunted, trapped, we can even be killed if we leave our forests. But we do not  v a n i s h


Hello Earth, we have a terrible decision to make, it’s an uncertain decision and we don’t have a lot of time. We can kill this creature or we can let it live. We don’t know what it’s gonna do, we don’t know what’s gonna happen when it hatches, if it will hurt us, help us or just leave us alone. We have to decide together.

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What do you think of the new info we got on formspring about how Murdoc said he actually wanted to keep cyborg as a member of the band and Noodle saying she thinks Cyborg is cute and that it was a shame she was programmed evil.

i read some of 2D’s formspring yesterday and then this morning i read the rest of the bands…. and oh man anon… we could have had it ALL

THIS IS LIKE…. EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED TO HAPPEN…. its like salt in the wound that these answers are canon and she STILL died, like IT COULDVE BEEN A THING… BUT IT WASN’T……. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

tbh tho that last answer i have honestly posted about a zillion times when i read it i was so happy hahahhaaaa

heroes save. they don’t kill.
when we pulled the lever, i felt the deaths of a thousand souls
cry out into my skin like heated needles seeking entrance.
stitching our guilt together, 
like our hands on the cold metal. 

i am not a hero, i am a glorified murderer
hiding behind the victory against the many that are innocent.

i am not a hero – i don’t want to be one,  
when the only person i want to save is gone.
—  heroes don’t kill | j r e f
What the Hell Happened and What the Hell is Going on?  (Otherwise known as: The Things that I am Still Waiting on to be Answered)

1) What the hell is this little flash at the beginning of the opening credits?!

There’s never been anything like this before, and yet it remains unanswered.

2) Why put Emily and Chad’s names on the same credit screen? 

 It seems a little too obvious that they put both of their names on the same screen and they both die.  It’s almost like they were like “Hey, look.  We’ll just put their names together so that we can kill them both off and then just take that shot out of the credits.”  It’s a little too obvious.  

3) How in the world did Dawn shoot Beth in the forehead when her gun isn’t aimed at Beth’s forehead?

Now, I’ve read a few things about this.  Yes, maybe her gun was aimed at a very sharp angle and it did shoot her in the forehead…but we don’t see her gun, so we don’t know.

4) Why only show Beth’s arm?

I mean, come on…we literally just saw her brains blown out, so why not just show us her entire body lying on the floor?  Just her hand a little blood?

5) What

the hell

is with


of the


Seriously!  At this point, I never want to see another clock for the rest of my life!

6) Where are the 800 walkers?

You know, I could just be blind, but did anyone else see those 800 walkers that were supposedly for the midseason finale?  Nope?  Yeah, me either.  800 walkers is sort of a lot of walkers to just have magically disappear.

7) What is this?

This little snippet is in the beginning of “What Happened and What’s Going on?”  They’re still in their clothes from “Coda.”  They’re running.  And yeah, that’s about all that we know.  It was never explained.

8) They certainly change fast…


What Happened and What’s Going On:

What Happened and What’s Going on (Ty’s funeral):

9) What’s with all of the blond female walkers?

10) And what about these?

“You are going to dig Beth’s story this season!”

“She’s alive for a reason.”

Well, did I miss something?  Was I amazed by Beth’s journey this season and the challenges she faced?  No!  The poor girl was emotionally, physically, and sexually assaulted until she died.  

Did I dig Beth’s story this season?  See answer above…I certainly didn’t dig it.

“She’s alive for a reason.”  Oh, really?  And what reason would that be?  So that she can just get shot in the head?  Or is it to make Daryl all sad?  Well, that’s not a very good reason.  

So I’m still waiting to figure these quotes out.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many things that I am still waiting on the be answered.  Feel free to add more…because there are a ton.

All I can think of after 1x19 is

this week is going to be terrible. i am going to need so much energy to do the things i have to do. i am going to need focus. i am going to need a good cry or two. food…i don’t know what to do about food. i am not in the mood for shopping and i’m out of fruit. but food is necessary. i have to do all the rent and car payment bills this week. i don’t want to do that. i want it to be rainy, or at least cloudy. it would help with my headache, but it looks like it’s just going to be another mostly sunny day. ugh, why?