New Perspective - Panic! at the Disco

I went to enroll of the school of my dreams today and basically it has been nothing but a hassle . They were suppose to call me to see if I was ready to come in or if I needed more time . I got no call . I called for a week straight 4 times a day for 7 days . I finally just emailed saying I need to get in contact and I finally got a call back . So fast forward to today . I go in my parents sit with the financial lady and she says ” you can go with him and sign your papers to get started ” so I went we sit down go though the papers I brought . He pulls out a half a piece of paper with pink high lights on it and sits back crosses his legs and says ” now can you please tell me if this is you who said these things and please explain them ” I looked at it and my mouth physically dropped . Want to know what was high lighted ? The first one said ” fuck ( schools name ) ” second one ” fuck a career we can make porn and sell it ” third one ” I’m horny bang me ( guy’s name ) ” forth one ” I’m wet ” fifth one was apparently a text the guy sent me which I never received . I said what is this he said these are text massages you sent ( guy’s name ) I’m like I don’t know who that is he said it’s the guy you met last time . ( one of the guys in charge of enrollment ) then I was saying I DID NOT send these and no where on that paper did it say my phone number . He was saying that he’s just making sure it doesn’t happen again and not to tell my parents and it stayed between us and he was going to trash it . Well I met my parents they were paying a couple grand that we pulled out of my savings account to put towards my kit ( this is a cosmetology school I’m ” enrolling in ” ) and they told me to come Tuesday to sign my final papers . When we get to the car I start crying like the serious cry where you have to gasp for air cry . My parents like what happened . I tried talking but they couldn’t understand me because my crying . Then I told them what happened . They were like you are not going here , we are getting the money back . Told me to stay in the car . I was scared my dad would fight someone because he doesn’t mess around . Mom said she couldn’t even count the money because she was shaking with anger . My parents asked for the paper he showed me with the ” text messages I sent ” but they wouldn’t show them to my parents . When my parents got back to the car they were trying to calm me down . They knew my dreams just went crashing down . I always wanted to go to this school . I did all my research everything . Today was suppose to be the beginning of my life . When really it happens to one of the worst . They said it wasn’t my fault and looked though my phone just to check it out . I usually freak out when they go though my phone but I actually helped them with finding my email I sent and everything . My dad said it could of been a few reasons they did this . First they were pissed off about my email of me complaining about not being able to get ahold of anybody or they were going to use that against me after I signed it and took out my loans or they had me mixed up with someone else . I would have to pay this school a little over $17,000 . Why would I pay that much to a school I have such a hard time getting things done just to enroll . You think they would do what they can to get someone to enroll . Someone I know that works at a salon said that she knows 3 other people that this has happened to . I woke up this morning thinking I was going to sign my final paper work to go to this school Iv been dreaming of going to , to having probably one of my worst days ever . I have to rethink my whole future . There’s only so many hair schools around me . This is the only one I looked into . I guess I’m going to have to start my process all over again .
New Perspective

Can we fast-forward till you go down on me?
Stop there and let me correct itI wanna live a life from a new perspective, you come along, because I love your face, and I’ll admire your expensive taste, and who cares divine intervention?I wanna be praised from a new perspective, but leaving now would be a good idea, so catch me up on getting out of here…

(Panic! At The Disco)

I feel the salty waves come in
I feel them crash against my skin
And I smile as I respire because I know they’ll never win
There’s a haze above my TV
That changes everything I see
And maybe if I continue watching
I’ll lose the traits that worry me

Can we fast-forward till you go down on me?

Stop there and let me correct it
I wanna live a life from a new perspective
You come along because I love your face
And I’ll admire your expensive taste
And who cares divine intervention
I wanna be praised from a new perspective
But leaving now would be a good idea
So catch me up on getting out of here

Can we fast-forward till you go down on me?

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The hardest part in life to me is pushing past your emotions. You wanna give up and go hide until you feel better. In this fast pace life we have to remember that things take time and you can’t let your emotions or someone else’s life get you down about yours. When emotions arrive just remember that it is a temporary feeling. Pain doesn’t last. Move past the hurt and guilt of whatever you may be feeling and move forward. Simply put, don’t give up.


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“Can we fast forward till you go down on me?” *sexy chuckle*