New Perspective - Panic! at the Disco

When it comes to you, I’d do it all over again. Hit rewind
and then play, fast forward some time and your name still tastes as sweet as
ever.  There is no forever to be found
with people like you and me but we sure have our moments that makes us not feel
as hopeless. We’ll scream until our lungs give out, but there’s something about
the way your breathless sorry is capable of crawling under my skin until I give
in. My best friend is always going to have a problem with you, but deep down
she knows my story all too well. How you can play with fire without living in
complete hell. He’s the angel on my shoulder, and a devil to my heart. We weren’t
always a disaster, but if this makes me a failure I don’t really know if I want
to succeed. How do I learn how to walk away? I don’t know how to say goodbye
and you’ll never know how to stay. We both know this isn’t the end so I guess
see you later will have to do again.
See you later, again. -B.S

one of the highlights of the p!atd show was during ‘New Perspective’ when Brendon was singing “can we fast forward ‘til you go down on me” he paused, giggled, and said “you’re nasty”

made my life


*Drip drop drip* The faucet leaks as I sit numbly on the floor, eyes wide open, shaking. I’m suffocating under the weight of remembering you and me. Like a shitty projector my mind throws up flickering images of you and me. Me and you; happy as can be- for the most part.

*Drip drop drip* Tears fall down my face making puddles on the floor. My mind’s protector fast forwards a few months and there we are, fighting like usual. Screaming words of hatred and abuse. You’re yelling I’m going to hell, I’m screaming that you’re a stuck up prick I never loved anyway. Oh the fights were glorious! Knock-down-drag-out who’s crying on the floor? If words could hurt physically, we’d have black eyes and bloody noses.


Aaahhhhh….memories. Do you ever remember me?

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