"Therefore let us concern ourselves with heavenly things, not human ones, and like pilgrims always sigh for our homeland, long for our homeland. It is the end of the road that travelers look for and desire, and because we are travelers and pilgrims through this world, it is the road’s end, that is the end of our lives, that we should always be thinking about. For that road’s end is our true homeland…..Don’t let us love the road rather than the land to which it leads, let we lose our homeland altogether. For we have such a homeland that we out to love it. So then, while we are on the road as travelers, as pilgrims, as guests of the world, let us not get entangled with any earthly desires and lusts but fill our minds with heavenly and spiritual things: our theme song ‘When shall I come and appear before the face of my God?’. Christians must travel in perpetual pilgrimage as guests of the world."
~ Saint Columbanus #pilgrim #christianity #ancientchristianity #orthodoxy #celticchristianity


Further adding to not only what it means to be an American, but as a global citizen across the world embodying integrity and ethics, we are proud to present the Be Bold, Be True project presented by Nike. A few months ago we were approached to be involved in this project concerning Black History Month (#bhm) project alongside some familiar faces from our very own Black Ivy team to our good friends over at MadburyClub. We connected with the general theme of ”Be Bold, Be True” and felt it resonated with what we’re currently doing at Street Etiquette, also what we hope to continue to push in the future.

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“What are rules to the rebel youth who grow with a gusto for adventure?
They’re imaginary…
Like boundaries in infinite space.
The building begins from within.
Then out of skin.
Onto pavements.
Where you pave the way.
From corner store conversations to revolutionary contemplating.
It takes training.
It requires heart to acquire an absence of fear.
This ain’t no hocus pocus.
You can become potent when potential is embraced.
And your focus causes you to become colorblind to color lines; seeing that there is no mold.
The model for the future is for you to make new.
So spark the rebellion!
Do it with cause.
The power to change your surroundings is right there in your palms.
Go out and pound the pavement.
Pulverize any paradigms and leave no standards standing.
For success isn’t intended to be the possession of a select few.
Don’t ever let them see you sweat.
Just be bold.
Be true” – Joekenneth Museau


Todd: Dude, I can see in your mind’s eye that you put half and half into one of those coffees in an attempt to make me break vegan-edge. 


William Yan + We Are Not Pilgrims Presents: Ursa Major Collection by Kate Jones

10 Dating Tips We Picked Up From Teen Movies

By Kat Lawson

Sticking with our teen movies theme, this weekend I’m looking at dating tips we picked up from watching our favourite teen movies.

1. Turn up at a girl’s house on a lawn mower holding a boombox (or a modern equivalent).

If she’s like Olive and wants her life to be like an 80s movie.

2. Never kiss the popular kids when in fancy dress at the school dance, they won’t believe you the next day.

Not such A Cinderella Story for Carter and Shelby.

3. Spending the night chattering about your ex will achieve absolutely nothing.

See Simon? Lucy is not impressed.

(Ordering drinks then asking her to pay won’t help either)

4. Strip Croquet always works

Right Veronica?

5. Throw bread at girl to show them that you like them.

Like Peeta did with Katniss. You might have to compete in The Hunger Games too, but bread’s a good start.

Gif source (x)

6. Calling other girls sluts will not make you any more attractive to others.

Insulting Caroline never made Thurston want Jenny.

Gif source (x)

7. You must always be prepared to battle seven evil ex’s in order to win the heart of the girl/guy you like.

8. Trying to attract girls in bikinis at a car wash will go a lot better if your little sister isn’t also in a bikini washing cars.

Especially if they’re like Missy and not afraid of making you look like an idiot.

9. Using peppermint footwash as face cream will make you irresistible.

Gif source (x)

10. If you have a problem with your friend liking someone but you can’t figure out why, you’re probably jealous, even if its just a tiny bit, but remember they’re not worth falling out with your best friend for.

Gif sources (x) (x)

What do you think? Any dating tips we missed?
Let us know and we’ll post your best suggestions.


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