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Top 5 best fanfiction you've read? (And Top 5 worst?)

In general or with Hetalia? …We’ll go with Hetalia

Top 5 (where the top is truly the top and the rest aren’t in any particular order)

1) This Hurricane (GerIta)

2) Gutters (Nordic-centric)

3) Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery (Hinted GerIta)

4) Angels, Demons, Asians and Zombies (Pretty much Gen)

5) I Believe in the Power of Monsters (Multitudes of ships and so very incomplete gosh)

As for worst fics, none with titles comes to mind since I usually try to block out and forget fics that unsettle me or make me kneel over with how bad they are haha. I have the experience so I don’t see a need to remember the name of the fic that gave me the experience uwu


My top 5 favorite Monster High shoes (in no particular order):

1. Threadarella Frankie [via]

2. Dawn of the Dance Lagoona [via]

3. New Scaremester Jinafire [via]

4. School’s Out Clawdeen [via]

5. Dawn of the Dance Draculaura [via]

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On the third day trinity's went to war with each other. Bones stronger than sticks and stones, and powers sharpened to divine slickness. We sit on earth, under pissing marshmallow, deliberating the crushing of that organization that overprices their umbrella's all the while trying to lower the costs of our own traps to rain on the parades of our competition. It's all competition. It's all rainy-day sales. The sky is propaganda and advertisement for the beasts behind it. We hope it stops storming

monsters in the window
toppling dams and
other dark machinery

the storm is just as bad
no matter which side of the glass

it’s a special occasion
I wore my darkest suit

lately I’ve made my living
on the black market

bootlegging old gin bottles

each one empty
except for a small
wooden boat
shining in the center

their tiny boat arms
moving through the air

always begging
to be set free

Because of their peculiar, liminal positions at the boundaries of culture — boundaries which are permeable and permutable — monsters are culture; culture is inscribed onto the monstrous body, and the monstrous body itself becomes culture and becomes “an embodiment of a certain cultural moment — of a time, a feeling, and a place” (4). To read culture through the body of the monster, then, is to read culture against the delimited spaces that lie outside of culture itself: the marginal, the alienated, the abject. The monstrous body exists as a grotesque reflection of the culture that creates it and the culture that rejects it as monstrous; the monstrous body is “pure culture” (4). To read the monster constitutes a dual process of using the culture to understand the monster and using the monster to understand culture. It is, simultaneously, a temporal process in which not only do we read the monster against the culture that created it, but also against our own culture, the culture in which we read it.

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