Cosima Tweets
  • Day one at lab: happy birthday from Sarah I’m spending all the DYAD’s money
  • Trying to get some, got interrupted by myself
  • This just in: Rachel’s a bitch and I’m awesome
  • God damn Delphine can you please stop being sexy I AM WORKING
  • I think we’re gonna fuck on Leekie’s desk
  • Def gonna fuck on the desk
  • Oh shit not fuckin on the desk abort abort
  • Okay that was not good
  • I need to be high to deal with this shit
  • Digging around inside someone who looks like me was not my idea of a good day
  • Oh hey look, a treatment. Delphine bein sexy and gettin shit done as us’
  • wtf Scott?
  • Stuck between a tooth and a hard place fuck me
  • Battle Bitches goin down
  • So, got high at the DYAD with my smokin hot gf what’d you do today?
  • Breaking news! Rachel is still a bitch!
  • Oh good everything is going so well except it’s all shitty
  • I think Rachel saw my point today
  • I just took a stab in the dark about how she felt
  • Maybe she could pencil in a day for Delphine to come home
  • Okay okay I made a thing to stab Rachel in the eye with a pencil and it was on point
  • Is that Shakira?
  • Nope, not Shakira.
  • Dance party whatuuuuuup
  • Okay wow near death experience SURE KIRA I’LL READ TO YOU
  • oh shit this is a damn good book
  • Kira you lizard ass child I love you PRAISE ETHAN DUNCAN
  • Where’d Shaki go?
  • Oh, Helena… Guys, I think I have a shot at this. I have a chance

I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again.

Kill la Kill English dub, Senketsu protects Ryuko (episode 5).

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After the Battle of the Five Armies, after all the wounded and sick have been tended and the bodies have been discarded or buried, after reconstruction on both Dale and Erebor begin, after the snow begins to thaw to make way for the new season….

Bilbo plants. 

He sends for hundreds of bags from the Shire (courtesy of one Hamfast Gamgee) and, when he had the time, he’d slip away from Erebor and go out into the immense field where the battle had taken place and begins the slow process of planting the seeds. 

Most of the dwarves assume that it is a strange Hobbit custom but Thorin, who watches his beloved from the battlements as he goes about planting, knows better. This gesture is something uniquely Bilbo. And more than ever does the dwarf king feel humble to even have the friendship of such a gentle heart, let alone be the keeper of it. 

That spring, in the fields that had been desolated by Smaug and later covered by death and blood, flowers bloomed, covering every inch of it with white and blue blossoms. 

Every inch that is, except a small space right in the middle of the field. 

Though small, Thorin can still see it from the battlements. 

"Why have you left that area uncovered?" He asks the hobbit. 

"Well, if I covered it up with flowers where would I plant this?" Bilbo says and opens his palm to reveal the acorn he had managed to hold on to since their stay at Beorn’s. 

"You told me to plant my garden when you….when you thought you would not make it," Bilbo says, barely able to contain a shudder at the memory of Thorin, bloodied and injured on the ice and ready to bid his farewell to Bilbo. "So I….I wish to plant it….here….where my new garden will grow." 

Thorin looks at him in surprise, mouth parting in wonder as Bilbo looks up at him with the utmost sincerity. Then he smiles gently and brings his head down so that his and Bilbo’s foreheads touch. 

"Ghivashel…you honor me."

Together they walk out into the field, to the blank space Bilbo had left untouched, and plant the acorn there, tending and caring for it as needed and watching it grow. 

And many, many decades later, in the springtime, the field still bloomed without fail and a tall, proud oak tree stood amongst them. 


Mentalist Roulette Game.

Your numbers landed on episode 5x20, 15 minutes and 29 seconds in.

okay so in discussing a play in class the other day this girl accidentally used the phrase “postmortem depression” (she meant to say postpartum depression) but it got me thinking

imagine an underground community of vampires where vampire doctors have invented this term to diagnose vampires who have a general feeling of dissociation and unhappiness and a painful nostalgia for life. they sleep all day and all night. blood has no taste anymore. wreaking havoc on mortals and seducing maidens brings them no pleasure. 

"yes," the vampire doctor says, nodding solemnly. "it sounds to me like postmortem depression. we have a few options. if you would like to pursue the chemical approach, i recommend you start by drinking the blood of someone on prozac twice a day for three weeks, and we’ll go from there." 


Oh, Someone doesn’t like cosplay.

I mean, you could have fun just wearing the uniform I guess.

Yeah man. There’s nothing wrong with just being yourself in uniform. It’s so easy!

Wow! Here I am in this outfit! No way someone could ever mistake me as dressing as a member of the band at a convention due to my hair resembling a certain guitarist or anything! I am totally original and myself and am walking around as myself, only I’m wearing an Aquabats costume! Whoa dude!

However, if I

then OH NO!!!


Haha no.

I don’t even know where that original comment was posted. Someone just tweeted it, so I’m adding my two cents. Don’t tell other cadets what to do. We can cosplay if we want to. It’s not like we’re running around claiming to be the guys. It’s fun, so we’re gonna keep doing it. We still act like ourselves and we all have our cadet selves, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing up for fun, so step off.